What I’m Working On – A Prequel, A Bonus, And a Sequel!

Right now, I’m finishing up something that’s been a surprise for a while as I figured out how it was going to look…the story of how Ben and Conner met. These two own the Bound & Controlled club and haven’t really talked much about their relationship.

However, with enough poking and prodding, they’ve started to actually open up to me and not just randomly flirt and talk about the club.Conner is always chatty…just never about himself, so I was excited to see how they fell in love. Let’s just say it’s been slightly unexpected but I’m having fun with it.

Becoming The Owners should be out mid-month (short preorder) and is a novella about the start of their relationship. Stay tuned later this week for the blurb and the cover and a peek at their story.

The rest of the week is going to be working on a fun bonus chapter for Finley and Jared that I should’ve already written if I’d stayed on track in January…hint hint…I did not. But I know exactly what I’m going to write and it shouldn’t take long at all. So depending on editing schedules, it might be ready by this weekend.

I’ve got a lot of other random starts and ideas to play with, but after I get Ben and Conner done and the bonus chapter all wrapped up, it’s time to jump back into Perry and TC’s story from His to Dare. They’re going to be my main focus the rest of this month and then I’ll poke at some of the other fun things that have popped up recently like the cutie that lives downstairs from Brady and Jude (Save Me Santa).

So lots to be written and lots to do in my real life because my daughter is going to college in the fall (University for those of you in the UK) and the to-do list for that stuff is growing by leaps and bounds every time I turn around. It’s just amazing to see how different two Universities are that are so close together, and I have to say that my son’s school last year was much more organized.

I hope you guys are having a great week so far and that we all stay wonderfully productive.

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My Favorite Scenes Ever? – Pre-order Save Me Santa!

There are countless memes about burning the house down if you find a spider, and while I generally agree with the sentiment, I knew it could be a fabulous start to a story. A Secret Santa story. Who better to ask to rescue you right before Christmas than Santa?

And in this case, when Brady asks Santa to send him help to save him from the gigantic spider in his Christmas tree, Santa decides to be extra helpful and send a sexy Daddy to the rescue.

If only Brady could remember it the next morning. There was an accident with pot brownies and an overly boozed up fruit cake.

I have to admit the first couple of chapters of Save Me Santa are going to go down as some of my favorites scenes.

Brady and his roommates are hilarious, and his rescuer, Jude, is a grumpy Dom with a heart of gold who thinks Brady’s roommates are morons. That’s up for debate, but they are hilarious and well-meaning, so I can’t wait to see what you think about them.

Save Me Santa is part of the Secret Santa Daddy series and is out on November 15th .

Here’s a peek at the first chapter if you’re curious.

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Save Me Santa by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover

Grab all three books for Secret Santa Daddy Season Two

If you want more Secret Santa’s then check out Season One from last year.

The Secret Santa’s Are Back!

I love Christmas in general, but especially writing about it. I love how over-the-top happy everyone can be and the different ways the magic of the season can play out.

The only thing odd about writing Christmas books is that we’re doing it entirely too early in the year. It really makes the year feel odd sometimes because it feels like I’ve been right on the edge of the Christmas season for months.

But it’s finally here!

For this year’s Secret Santa Daddy series, we’ve got three wonderful stories for you.
The first is A Little Surprise by A.W. Scott and it came out on November 1st.
His Boss’s Little Christmas by Della Cain comes out on November 8th.
And mine, Save Me Santa, which will be out on November 15th

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Save Me Santa by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover

Updates For The Final Months of 2022

Wanna peek at what’s coming up?

I wish my answer was everything because I have so many ideas and characters poking at me that there just aren’t enough hours in the day. But here’s a peek at what I know is coming up and what I want to have ready for you in the next few months.

On October 16th Emerson’s book will come out. Owners & Dolls is a standalone with a fun take on dollification. Emerson’s Owner designs fabulous clothing (right now it’s corsets) and dreams of having a fun mannequin to play with, and Emerson loves attention and to be taken care of. They’re perfect for each other. Emerson’s logic is slightly questionable sometimes, but they’re sweet and their sexy scenes are sooo steamy.

In early November, I’m going to have the German translation of Flawed Perfection done. I can’t wait to have more books in German, but it’s been a process getting the translations started.

On November 15th Save Me Santa will go live. It’s super cute and a lighthearted Christmas story with a Daddy who comes to the rescue of a little with a spider problem. This is total grumpy/sunshine and part of the Secret Santa Daddy series.

Sometime in November, the last audiobook in the Leashes & Lace series will come out, but I don’t have an exact date for that.

I’m going to be working on the last two books for TC and Perry. Their first book was His to Dare, and I’ve already started making notes and the editing for book two should start in November.

I’ve also got a lot of random notes made for more for Kevin and Jeremy. They’re always fun to write and they just make me smile. I love going back to them, but it seems like there was just never enough time to get anything done this year.

My oldest child started college in August and that was a crazy process. Most of the time I don’t mind being a single Mom, but sometimes it would be nice to have help. But we did it and my son loves the university he’s at and the classes he’s taking. He’s even got a huge room and a pretty good roommate. So I can’t complain and I’m so glad he’s happy.

But I’m hoping to have more time to write this year and to get a lot more released in 2023.

Wish me luck and feel free to jump into the Facebook group and let me know which characters or books you’d like to see next year.

Comment below and let me know what you are most excited about in the next few months!

What Emerson Wants – Owners and Dolls Cover Reveal!


I’m honestly not sure where to start with him. He is wonderfully unique and does things his own way.

Honestly, he does everything his own way. It’s to the point where sometimes I stop writing and I’m like no sweetie that’s not what we’re supposed to be doing here. He never listens, but he’s always very polite and sweet when he talks me into what he wants.

And what he wants is his Owner and lots of naughty role-playing. He’s a handful.

But he’s a handful that has a sexy book cover, lots of fun corsets, and lots of dirty talk with his slightly confused Owner, Luca.

Luca thinks Emerson is fascinating.

They’re both nuts but utterly perfect together, and I can’t wait to show you their story when it comes out on October 16th.

But for now, their preorder is up and here is their sexy cover.

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Owners and Dolls by MA Innes -Gay Romance Book Cover

Introducing Emerson and Luca – Pre-order Owners & Dolls now!

One of the funniest things that came out of Our Love, Bishop’s story, was Emerson. The sparkly, impulsive Emerson is one of Ian’s best friends and an utter handful. He was so much fun to write because he sees everything in his own unique way…and not just when he’s drunk with Ian.

If you’ve read Our Love, you saw that he’s got some kind of interesting relationship with his Owner, Luca, the mysterious corset designer that finds Emerson to be positively addictive.

Luca has a thing for dressing up Emerson like a pretty little doll…corsets, nightgowns, panties…anything and everything pretty.

And he has a thing for Emerson in general, but he’s not quite sure letting the bubbly sub charge right into a unique relationship is a good idea. So he wants to go slow, and Emerson can’t decide if it’s sweet or terrible.

He’s basically settling on terrible and is doing his best to make his Owner change his mind.

I can’t wait for you to get to know Emerson more and to meet Luca when Emerson is sober. If you want a peek into what Emerson thinks of the dollification and having an Owner, not a Dom, check out Our Love.

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Our Love: The Story by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover

Pre-Order Owners and Dolls

Owners and Dolls by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover
*full cover reveal for Owners and Dolls coming soon!

Tell me in the comments: What do you think about dollification and Emerson dressed up in corsets and pretty clothes? Have you ever read about it before?