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Alien Daddies are so much fun to write. I love when they worry about curious things and when they see the world differently.

So when you guys started asking if Dane and Wright from the Dirty Daddies Spring Anthology would be getting a longer story, I couldn’t resist poking at them and seeing what they were up to. A lot.

Some are silly things like buying furniture (that was an odd adventure) and some fun things like going back to the pizza place from the previous books. But my favorite parts are how sweet they are together and how Wright just throws himself into being a Daddy.

So My Little Human (the extended version of Tentacle Daddy from the anthology) is now up on preorder and will be released on September 29th . But…this month I have something fun going on over on Patreon to share with you.

A freebie for everyone no matter which tier you sign up for.

Just with the way things turned out (and my questionable scheduling) I have several fun bonuses and releases coming up this month. So I decided that I’m going to give everyone who is a member of my Patreon an ebook copy of My Little Human and a coloring page as another fun freebie for this release.

It’s going to be for any tier this month, but the higher tiers do have other bonus chapters and exclusive content that’s just available on Patreon for now.

So if you don’t want to wait for the end of the month to read more about Wright and Dane, or if you want their coloring page, come check out Patreon. It will be available to download until the 28th (because it will be in KU) but the coloring page will stay up.

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My Little Human by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book CoverBlurb:

Weirdest munch ever.

Dane isn’t expecting much from the mostly straight munch he’s somehow ended up at. As awkward encounters turn into a boring meet-and-greet, he’s ready to escape when the most interesting Daddy in the room sets eyes and tentacles on him.

When an earnest new Daddy and a slightly confused little come together, sparks and laughter fly because tentacle Daddies make the best Daddies.

Story Contains: Two men (one human and one alien), the best bathtub sea monster ever, a slightly overly cautious Daddy, and a little who’s starting to be concerned that Daddy will declare butter knives too dangerous for his sweet boy (aka mayo is slippery…oops).

This story was originally a novella included in the Dirty Daddies Spring Anthology and has been extended by 30k words in length.

My Nosiest Character Yet! – Pre-Order Learning to Walk and Learning to Run Now!

Do you remember Brady’s roommates from Save Me Santa? Gareth and Cashel who were a bit confused about everything? Yep, they’re back and getting their own book. Learning to Walk goes live on August 25th and is now on preorder.

I had so many fun questions about these guys, but when I started writing the book, I could answer about five percent of them. I had no idea if they’d been together before or what they were looking for or what was going on in general. Basically, all I knew was that Gareth was really confused about spankings and what Brady saw in Jude, and Cashel wasn’t sure what was going on.

That’s when Bates stepped in.

He’s really curious and jumps right in to offer to help them figure things out. He absolutely loves all the crazy people living in the building and he’s the nosiest character I’ve ever written. He’d probably drive everyone crazy if he weren’t so cute and so well-meaning.

After he overhears Brady talking about the roommates and their questions, Bates decided the only neighborly thing to do is to go up and offer his conversational skills and his knowledge about spanking. Everyone needs such a helpful neighbor.

I can’t wait to show you how funny they all are in such different ways and for you to see their chemistry. It’s not technically slow burn (depending on how you define that) but their story is going to be spread out over two books, so don’t expect every first to happen in book one. They’re doing things at their own pace and I’m just following along and telling you about their adventure.

They’re at a good place at the end of book one, but Gareth still has some questions to work out and Cashel has some fantasies to confess, so they definitely needed a second book. But I’m not going to leave you waiting for book two. Learning to Run comes out on September 15th and is also on preorder now.

I can’t wait to show you how funny they all are as Bates helps answer all their questions and gives them a push in the romantic direction.

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Learning to Walk by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book CoverBlurb:

Gareth: Weirdest neighbor ever…but he has an addicting smile and he was helpful in explaining Brady’s…well, Brady’s love of interesting things.

Cashel: Craziest way to ever be asked out on a date…but Gareth is happy and the nosy neighbor is nice…and a good kisser.

Bates: Best first date ever…and the best apartment building ever.

Everyone sees meeting a potential date for the first time a little differently.

Someone might walk away from a first meeting confused about names and wondering how they ended up with a date.

Someone else might walk away appreciating an offer for a bit of naughty help.

Another might end up loving life and hoping that the two cuties upstairs are just as adorable on a date as they are when he’s eavesdropping.

However, there are a few things everyone can agree on…their neighbors are fascinating, Gareth has questions, and Cashel has no idea what’s going to happen with the wickedly helpful neighbor.

Author’s Note: While this duet is part of the Education of the Heart series, these are the roommates from Save Me Santa. While it’s not technically necessary, I think Learning to Walk and Learning to Run will be more enjoyable if you’ve already read Brady’s story, Save Me Santa.

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Learning to Run by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book CoverBlurb:

yone sees falling in love for the first time a little differently.

Author’s Note: This is a continuation of the story for Gareth, Cashel, and Bates from Learning to Walk. This is not a standalone.

More Books In German Coming Soon!

I got a sweet email the other day that reminded me that I needed to tell you all more about which books will be coming out in German this year. I’m going to have a computer program translate this into German, so please forgive anything that doesn’t sound right.

As long as everything goes according to plan, the next books that will be coming out are the Unconditional Love series. It’s a trilogy where each book features a different couple. These books have a mix of kinks in them, but the first book is age play. The main characters in the first two books are best friends and the stories are best read in order, so I’m going to make sure the books are released close together.

I’m aiming to have the first book, Unexpected, released in May and then the other two books released over the summer, hopefully, in June and July. Along with giving you a quality translation, making sure you don’t have to wait too long for books in a series to be completed is important to me.

That’s one of the reasons why I started my self-published translation journey with Flawed Perfection. It’s one of my favorite stand-alone books that I’ve written. Getting everything organized last year was more difficult than I expected, but I’m hoping to get his friend Eric’s books done later this year as long as everything works out right.

One of the things on my to-do list is to get a newsletter set up for my German readers, so stay tuned for more information on that before the next release.

For those of you who’ve read Flawed Perfection, thank you for taking a chance on my book and I hope you enjoy the other translations that will be coming out later this year.

Share in the Comments: What else should I consider for German translation?

(Übersetzt mit

Neulich erhielt ich eine nette E-Mail, die mich daran erinnerte, dass ich euch mehr darüber erzählen sollte, welche Bücher in diesem Jahr auf Deutsch erscheinen werden. Ich werde dies von einem Computerprogramm ins Deutsche übersetzen lassen, also verzeiht bitte alles, was nicht richtig klingt.

Wenn alles nach Plan läuft, sind die nächsten Bücher, die erscheinen werden, die Serie Unconditional Love. Es ist eine Trilogie, in der jedes Buch ein anderes Paar zeigt. Die Bücher haben eine Mischung aus verschiedenen Macken, aber das erste Buch ist ein Spiel mit dem Alter. Die Hauptfiguren in den ersten beiden Büchern sind beste Freunde, und die Geschichten lassen sich am besten der Reihe nach lesen, also werde ich dafür sorgen, dass die Bücher zeitnah erscheinen.

Mein Ziel ist es, das erste Buch, Unerwartet, im Mai zu veröffentlichen und die beiden anderen Bücher dann im Laufe des Sommers, hoffentlich im Juni und Juli. Neben einer qualitativ hochwertigen Übersetzung ist es mir wichtig, dass Sie nicht zu lange auf die Fertigstellung der Bücher einer Serie warten müssen.

Das ist einer der Gründe, warum ich meine Übersetzungsreise im Selbstverlag mit Flawed Perfection begonnen habe. Es ist eines meiner Lieblingsbücher, die ich als Einzelautorin geschrieben habe. Letztes Jahr war es schwieriger, alles zu organisieren, als ich erwartet hatte, aber ich hoffe, dass ich die Bücher seines Freundes Eric noch in diesem Jahr fertigstellen kann, wenn alles klappt.

Eines der Dinge auf meiner To-Do-Liste ist es, einen Newsletter für meine deutschen Leser einzurichten, also haltet euch auf dem Laufenden für weitere Informationen vor der nächsten Veröffentlichung. Denjenigen, die Flawed Perfection gelesen haben, danke ich dafür, dass sie meinem Buch eine Chance gegeben haben, und ich hoffe, dass Ihnen die anderen Übersetzungen, die im Laufe des Jahres erscheinen werden, gefallen.

Teilen Sie es in den Kommentaren mit: Was sollte ich noch für die deutsche Übersetzung in Betracht ziehen?

Something Exciting is Launching Soon!

You know how you plan something for so long you never really think it’s going to happen? I’ve been working on a surprise like that. It’s finally almost here and it’s hard to believe. I first talked to Sage (my incredible wonderful organizer of all things author related) about this back when she first started helping me. It was an I think I’d like to do this kind of comment but I had no idea how to get it started.

I wanted to set up a merch store.

But did I mention I had no idea how to start it?

Thankfully, Sage did and she’s been helping me every step of the way, taking my weird ideas and the little teasing smartass things Kevin says in my head and helping me to put them on mugs and T-shirts and all kinds of other things. (Just so you know, he thinks he’s famous now that his words are on mugs. He’s never going to forget it.)

But then there were tentacles and drama queens and all kinds of fun things that have to go on goodies too.

Have you figured out yet that soon my house is going to be covered by tentacles and the ridiculous things Kevin has said? Yep, it’s going to be so much fun because my office definitely needs more tentacle pillows. Everyone’s office does.

The store is going live on April 3rd and I can’t wait to show you all the fabulous goodies that are going to be in it.

Want one little sneak peak?

Merch Product - White cloth with blue digitally painted tentacles

That’s all I’ll share for now but if you sign up for the shop newsletter, you’ll be the first to see the new designs before the launch! Click here to sign up.

Share in the Comments: What type of merch are you excited to see? We are always looking for new ideas so feel free to share them!

What I’m Working On – A Prequel, A Bonus, And a Sequel!

Right now, I’m finishing up something that’s been a surprise for a while as I figured out how it was going to look…the story of how Ben and Conner met. These two own the Bound & Controlled club and haven’t really talked much about their relationship.

However, with enough poking and prodding, they’ve started to actually open up to me and not just randomly flirt and talk about the club.Conner is always chatty…just never about himself, so I was excited to see how they fell in love. Let’s just say it’s been slightly unexpected but I’m having fun with it.

Becoming The Owners should be out mid-month (short preorder) and is a novella about the start of their relationship. Stay tuned later this week for the blurb and the cover and a peek at their story.

The rest of the week is going to be working on a fun bonus chapter for Finley and Jared that I should’ve already written if I’d stayed on track in January…hint hint…I did not. But I know exactly what I’m going to write and it shouldn’t take long at all. So depending on editing schedules, it might be ready by this weekend.

I’ve got a lot of other random starts and ideas to play with, but after I get Ben and Conner done and the bonus chapter all wrapped up, it’s time to jump back into Perry and TC’s story from His to Dare. They’re going to be my main focus the rest of this month and then I’ll poke at some of the other fun things that have popped up recently like the cutie that lives downstairs from Brady and Jude (Save Me Santa).

So lots to be written and lots to do in my real life because my daughter is going to college in the fall (University for those of you in the UK) and the to-do list for that stuff is growing by leaps and bounds every time I turn around. It’s just amazing to see how different two Universities are that are so close together, and I have to say that my son’s school last year was much more organized.

I hope you guys are having a great week so far and that we all stay wonderfully productive.

Share in the Comments: Which upcoming story are you looking forward to the most?

My Favorite Scenes Ever? – Pre-order Save Me Santa!

There are countless memes about burning the house down if you find a spider, and while I generally agree with the sentiment, I knew it could be a fabulous start to a story. A Secret Santa story. Who better to ask to rescue you right before Christmas than Santa?

And in this case, when Brady asks Santa to send him help to save him from the gigantic spider in his Christmas tree, Santa decides to be extra helpful and send a sexy Daddy to the rescue.

If only Brady could remember it the next morning. There was an accident with pot brownies and an overly boozed up fruit cake.

I have to admit the first couple of chapters of Save Me Santa are going to go down as some of my favorites scenes.

Brady and his roommates are hilarious, and his rescuer, Jude, is a grumpy Dom with a heart of gold who thinks Brady’s roommates are morons. That’s up for debate, but they are hilarious and well-meaning, so I can’t wait to see what you think about them.

Save Me Santa is part of the Secret Santa Daddy series and is out on November 15th .

Here’s a peek at the first chapter if you’re curious.

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Save Me Santa by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover

Grab all three books for Secret Santa Daddy Season Two

If you want more Secret Santa’s then check out Season One from last year.