Nick and Kyle Chapter 1

Chapter 1




“You are so fucked up.” Shaking my head at my reflection, I stared at myself. “What kind of freak gets turned on by his bully?”

Kind of a bully…maybe a bully?

I couldn’t tell.

Sure, Kyle teased me and called me names all through high school, but there was something about the way he called me “shortie” and “little guy” that made my stomach knot and my dick stir. It wasn’t as bad when his friends chimed in, but that delicious burst of humiliation made everything tingle when they teased me, too.

If my parents had ever found out about the teasing, they’d have had a fit. The couple of times a teacher had heard a few of the remarks, it had taken some quick thinking to keep it from being reported as bullying. There had been a problem at the school a few years before I’d gotten there, and they’d gone overboard to prevent anything similar from happening again.

Nobody understood—I didn’t want it to stop.

At best, they would have thought I was nuts and at worst, they would have known I was crazy. Hell, I thought I was crazy. Outside of kinky porn, no one actually wanted someone to talk to them like that. No one wanted a rough voice calling them names and telling them how small they were. How short…how weak…how shy…

And that wasn’t the worst of it.

“So fucked up.”

Turning away from the mirror, I ignored my growing erection and stepped into the shower. It was going to have to wait or I’d be late for work, which was something I was kind of proud of. Unlike the other stuff.

With a couple of months until college started, I was afraid I’d be stuck home all summer having nothing to do. However, the local grocery store decided to hire some extra stock people over the break, and I was lucky enough to get a job. It was mostly at night and it’d probably be boring, but it was work and a real paycheck so I wasn’t going to complain.

After the quickest shower ever, I threw on my new uniform and headed downstairs. My parents were sitting in the living room looking like a picture-perfect middle-class family. Where in the hell had I come from?

My mom looked up as I passed the door. “You’re heading in now?”

“Yes. It’s my first day.” I laughed a little. “I should probably say my first night.”

She frowned and looked at my father. “Are you sure it’s safe? He’s going to be out so late.”

My mother was one of the original helicopter parents; thankfully my dad tried to hold back some of her hovering. “He’ll be all right. He’s going off to college in the fall and he needs to get a taste of the real world.”

“It’s fine. The store won’t even be open most of the time. How much trouble can I get into?” I did my best to appear sincere and studious. I wanted this job.

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