Meet Me In Italy – September 2023 Event

I love traveling. It’s one of my favorite hobbies, and it’s giving me a wonderful boost and something to look forward to when both my kids are in college next year. (That’s just so weird. I don’t know how time went by so fast.)

My first big trip once they’re both in college is going to be RARE Florence in September 2023. I have a few books already in Italian and I’m going to have several more books available by next fall. I’m so excited to see Italy again and to start planning my trip. (Venice, here I come.)

If you’d like to come hang out with me at RARE or just Florence in general while I’m playing tourist, that would be wonderful and I’d really appreciate it. I’m looking forward to visiting my Italian readers and making lots of new friends while I’m there.

RARE Florence 2023 Tickets
RARE Florence Facebook Group

RARE Florence 2023 Author Bade for Shaw Montgomery- MA Innes

Find me on Facebook or email me if you have questions about what books I’ll have at RARE or about my trip in general. I promise there will be lots more details to come.

RARE Florence 2023 Author Bade for Shaw Montgomery- MA Innes

ShiMMer February 22nd!

Where in the world is Shaw Montgomery?

Well, right now I’m hiding from my children because they have the day off from school, but in just a few weeks (February 22nd) I’m going to be in Birmingham, UK at ShiMMer! For those of you in the UK and other parts of Europe, ShiMMer will be packed with MM authors.

ShiMMer 2020 Author Event

My preorder will be closing in just a few days, so if there were books you wanted to get, now is the time to order them.

Preorder books here.

I can’t wait to see everyone and please come up and say hi—because the rule at these events is that we don’t let Shaw stand around looking like a lost soccer mom or confused insurance salesman.

It’s going to be a great time, so I hope those of you who are in the UK can come.

Here’s the link for more information if you want to check out ShiMMer.