Surrendering to His Lady

Surrendering to His Lady

A Standalone Femdom Story

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Surrendering to His Lady by Shaw Montgomery - Femdom Romance Ebook Cover

What do you do when you meet the woman of your dreams? Dreams you didn’t even know you had.

Michael isn’t cut out for dating. When Michael meets the beautiful, confident Christine online, he knows she can’t be real. What attractive and successful woman would want an awkward guy who never seemed to understand what women really wanted?

But Christine is for real.

And she’s fascinated by Michael’s awkwardness and innocence. Michael might not understand what truly turns him on, but Christine can’t wait to introduce Michael to a world of sensation and delight he’s never even dreamed was possible.

As Michael submits to Christine’s confident guidance, is he truly ready for all that Christine will require of him? And does he dare fall for a woman who might see him only as a toy to throw away when she’s done?

Story Contains: female domination, male submission, spankings, and anal play

Authors Note: This story has been re-edited for grammatical errors and addition content has been added to the original version that was released in November 2015.

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