Summer’s Officially Here – Grab Some Sexy and Fun New Books!

The summer is here, and for a lot of you, that means more time to read for a variety of reasons.

So if you’ve already finished reading An Atypical Love, I thought I’d be helpful (or a book pusher) and share some Bookfunnel promotions that I found. Any freebies or discounts are only valid right as I’m posting this (June 21st, 2023), be sure to double check prices before you grab any deals.

These are going to be a variety of different types of promotions. Some I have books in and others are random that I found through authors I follow or read and look like fun.

The Darling Daddies Promo has all kinds of fun Daddy books.

MM Series Starters has all kinds of different books that are the first in a series if you’re already looking for a new world to jump into for the summer.

This Daddy, Please? Promo This has a mix of MM, MF, and MMF Daddy books.

Monthly Menagerie of Menage Promo for June This has got lots of ménage books and everything from Daddy kink to monsters so there’s a bit of something for everyone.

I hope you enjoy browsing through them and finding new authors and new books to read.

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