Submissive Acceptance

Every serf comes to Lord Jordan yearning for one thing… complete domination.

Lord Jordan Prescott rules his estate with firm domination and absolute submission from his serfs. A modern land where indentured servitude never stopped, Lord Jordan governs as he desires. And what he desires is to discover their every unfulfilled erotic dream and submissive fantasy.

Come follow Lord Jordan’s exploits and erotic encounters with his serfs and staff, discovering their submissive longings and fantasies.  

Reed isn’t like any serf Jordan has ever encountered on his estate. When Reed applies to be Lord Jordan’s new secretary, there is just something about the serf that screams out to Jordan. The boy is hiding something, but what? Reed hints that Jordan wouldn’t want someone as different as he is. When Jordan finds out how special Reed is, will the serf’s need for pretty, feminine things scare Jordan off, or will Jordan embrace his new boy’s desires?

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