Something Exciting is Launching Soon!

You know how you plan something for so long you never really think it’s going to happen? I’ve been working on a surprise like that. It’s finally almost here and it’s hard to believe. I first talked to Sage (my incredible wonderful organizer of all things author related) about this back when she first started helping me. It was an I think I’d like to do this kind of comment but I had no idea how to get it started.

I wanted to set up a merch store.

But did I mention I had no idea how to start it?

Thankfully, Sage did and she’s been helping me every step of the way, taking my weird ideas and the little teasing smartass things Kevin says in my head and helping me to put them on mugs and T-shirts and all kinds of other things. (Just so you know, he thinks he’s famous now that his words are on mugs. He’s never going to forget it.)

But then there were tentacles and drama queens and all kinds of fun things that have to go on goodies too.

Have you figured out yet that soon my house is going to be covered by tentacles and the ridiculous things Kevin has said? Yep, it’s going to be so much fun because my office definitely needs more tentacle pillows. Everyone’s office does.

The store is going live on April 3rd and I can’t wait to show you all the fabulous goodies that are going to be in it.

Want one little sneak peak?

Merch Product - White cloth with blue digitally painted tentacles

That’s all I’ll share for now but if you sign up for the shop newsletter, you’ll be the first to see the new designs before the launch! Click here to sign up.

Share in the Comments: What type of merch are you excited to see? We are always looking for new ideas so feel free to share them!

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