Randall and Hudson Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It was a rough bar in an even worse part of town and I couldn’t figure out what the little twink was doing working there. Well, I had an idea, but nothing that made sense. I had to be wrong. It’d been a few weeks, maybe longer, since I’d stopped in, but I knew I would have remembered him if I’d seen him before.

BJ’s was technically named after the original owner, but it was also a really big clue about what someone might find going on in the backroom most nights. It’d been a gay bar as long as anyone could remember, and most of the customers had come out in a time where you were either tougher than the bullies or you stayed deep in the closet. Most of them looked like they’d just gotten released from the state pen, even though I knew they all had regular jobs and were actually upstanding citizens.

However, when they walked into the bar, most of the trappings of civilization fell away. So I wasn’t sure what the hell Jake had been thinking when he’d hired the little twink. Pushing away from the wall where I’d been watching for the last few minutes, I headed toward the bar. I found an open spot in the corner and waited for Jake to wander over.

Customer service wasn’t his thing.

He finally finished up with a big bear of a guy with tattoos down his arms and started heading my way, stopping long enough to grab me a glass of whatever he had on tap. The words were out before I could stop myself. “When did you hire the twink?”

Jake laughed and gave me a knowing look. “Few months ago. He’s good for business. But only works a few shifts a month, unfortunately. He’s like honey to those dirty old barflies. He just reels ‘em in, then walks away.”

“He looks too innocent to be working in a place like this.” (Looks)

“Hey, my bar’s clean and the men behave themselves pretty good. They might be doing their best to make him blush, but they keep their hands off. Besides, he likes the attention. The raunchier the better.” Jake glanced over at the boy where he was trying to clear off a table, but every time he bent over to grab the glasses at the far end of the booth, catcalls and whistles rang out.

The tight skinny jeans and slim fitting black shirt that road up showing a strip of his back did nothing to hide the full ass that arched out as he reached for the dirty glasses. I was all the way across the room, and I could easily see how he gnawed at his lower lip and blushed when the men called out.

Jake was right, the men didn’t lay a hand on him even though he was a tempting bit of sin.

“Why only a few shifts a month?” How had I not seen him before? Had it really been that long since I’d been in?

I owned a moving and trucking business that had one of the main offices down the street.

Between putting in extra hours there because of some staffing issues and my regular job at the uptown location, I’d been working crazy hours lately. But it hadn’t been that much, had it?
Glancing over at Jake, I saw him shrug. “I offered him more, but he just stammers and says that his other job keeps him busy.”

“Other job?”

“No idea. I just know he calls himself Randy and only will agree to about four shifts a month. I first hired him to work a few hours here and there to give Andrew more time off. Now it’s so busy when he comes in I could use two servers.” Jake gave me a long look. “Maybe he’ll give you some incentive to come in more often too.”

I just snorted and ignored him, but didn’t even try to pull my gaze away from the blushing twink.

There was just something about him. A contradiction. He’d flirt and then ease off. He’d blush at a terrible dirty joke, but he never backed away completely. It was almost like he was encouraging them, but there was a layer of embarrassment that was pulling at the men.

It pulled at me too.

“Hell, maybe having you around will make him come in more.” Jake laughed at the confused look I sent him. “Present company aside, because I’m very taken, you’re probably the only decent guy in here. Compared to these roughnecks, you look like one of those models in the underwear ads. If he blushes and gets turned on by these bozos, I can’t imagine what you’re going to do to him.”

“You’re insane.”

“I’m right. You just wait and see.” Jake smirked and walked off toward the other end of the bar.

A couple of shifts a month wouldn’t make a difference in anybody’s budget, so there was no way he was working there for the money. He was hot enough, with that ass and fiery blush, that he could have made a fortune at any of the upscale clubs in the better parts of the city.

I wasn’t up for the high maintenance guys that swarmed in those bars, but the little twink would have had them eating out of his hand. There were a few tattooed bears at the bar that were sexy in a rugged way, but unless the little guy was head-over-heels for one of the regulars, there wasn’t enough eye candy to use that as an excuse.

Why was he at BJ’s?

Why wasn’t he putting up more of a fuss about the comments they were making?

And why in the hell was he that turned on?

The tight jeans and the sheer size of his cock didn’t leave anything to the imagination. At first, I thought I was wrong. But when he walked over near the bar, returning the tray of dirty glasses and bottles, his erection was obvious.

It snaked down his pant leg, the thick cock nearly perfectly outlined. I couldn’t help but look. We were probably about the same length, with me maybe a little thicker, but his thin frame and short stature made it look out of proportion, making you think it was huge. There was no way the guys would have missed it.

Hell, there was no way anyone could miss it.

It was no wonder why they followed him with their eyes and did their best to tease the little twink. He loved it. Was it the raunchy humor and the dirty words? Was it being watched…lusted after?

Did he love to tease the guys…show them what they couldn’t have?

In other bars, the twink might have run into problems flirting and flashing that monster, then refusing to play. But Jake was right, he ran a good bar. The guys were rough around the edges, but I couldn’t see any of them actually scaring the boy.

Unless that was what he wanted.

Making no attempt to disguise my interest, I watched as he dashed around the room, bringing drinks and cleaning up messes the men deliberately made. Finding reasons to get the boy to bend over seemed to be the game of the night. The dartboard on the wall sat empty and even the lone pool table in the back was deserted.

Not that I could blame them. He was more interesting than anything else in the place.

After cleaning up the same booth three times, because the men kept shoving empty glasses to the back of the table just to get the boy to bend over again, he finally came back over to the bar. “I need three more beers, they said whatever’s on tap, and a whiskey sour.”

I was expecting a lighter voice, something more feminine, but it came out rich and sexy. It was easy to imagine how he’d sound, turned on and begging. He was a mass of contractions and it only made him more appealing.

Jake took a couple of minutes longer than it should have to get the drinks ready, but it gave me a chance to see the boy relax against the bar. At first, he was just focused on the mirror behind the long shelves of liquor, watching as the men leered and stared. It didn’t take long for his gaze to wander around the room while he fidgeted and waited.

He nodded and smiled at a few of the regulars who were too laid back to take part in the teasing, but it was obvious when he got around to me. I couldn’t have been looking at him any differently than the rest of the men, but his blush flared back to life and his big eyes flicked down to his tray before peeking back up at me.

I couldn’t decide if he was that good of a flirt or if it wasn’t an act at all.

Either way, it didn’t matter.

It’d been a long time since I did the bar scene looking to pick someone up, and even longer since I explored the darker parts of the city playing in a different kind of scene altogether. I gave into a one night stand occasionally, but that wasn’t what I wanted. Finding a guy who needs something a little rougher, but still serious, was hard.

When you added in the rest of the shit and baggage, it was almost impossible.

Jake had to clear his throat several times before the twink looked over at him. “They like looking at that ass of yours, but not for long if you don’t give them their drinks.”

The boy blushed an even deeper red, giving me a cautious glance before he mumbled an apology to Jake and picked up the tray. As he stepped back from the counter, his long cock was still clearly outlined. When he caught me watching him, he sucked in his lower lip and lowered the tray so it almost hid his arousal.


Did he not want me to get the wrong idea or was he actually trying to hide how turned on the teasing made him? It was hard to tell. Moving around the men and mismatched table, he handed out the drinks, blushing and all while giving me sidelong glances that were sending out mixed messages.

Jake came back over. “You’ve certainly caught his eye.”

I snorted, shaking my head. “I’m new to him.”

“He’s not here enough to know most of the guys. They’re all new. You’re just different.”


“Hot and hungry. You look at him like you want to eat him up.” The soft voice that came from behind me had me turning on the stool.

“I thought he was here to give you some time off?” Andrew, or Andy to his husband Jake, hopped up on the stool beside me and grinned.

“How can I stay away? I’d miss the floor show.”

One eyebrow went up, and I gave him a curious look. “What floor show? It’s not a strip club.”

Andrew laughed. “He keeps his clothes on, but those guys couldn’t be anymore worked up if he were naked and shaking it. They’re probably more turned on because he’s fully clothed, and god, that blush. I’d kill to look that innocent and erotic at the same time.”

“Hey, my man is sexy, and don’t you forget it.” Jake gave him a long look, and I knew he was going to spend the night reminding his husband just how hot he was.

Andrew snorted. “I’m hot—but nothing like that.” He glanced over at the corner where the twink was bent over, getting a napkin that one of the guys had accidentally dropped on the floor.

With anyone else, the move would have looked contrived and borderline ridiculous. The twink made it work…like the coy looks and embarrassed arousal was just who he was. When he caught me watching, he turned slightly. So I couldn’t see how erect he was?

“Now that’s a new development.” Andrew’s voice pulled me away from the view.


“They drop that napkin two or three times a night. He always gives them one of those blushing smiles, but he’s never tried to hide before. That must be for your benefit.” Andrew studied me for a long moment. “Maybe he’s finally found someone here he’s actually interested in.”

“So he hasn’t dated any of the guys or given anyone a hint that he’d be okay with more than just the teasing?” Hiding my interest would have been ridiculous. I wasn’t going to play those kinds of games with anyone.

“Oh, no. The first week, a few guys tried, and he shot them all down. He likes the teasing, but he doesn’t encourage them beyond that.” Jake broke in, frowning as someone called him down to the other end of the counter. “I guess I should say he usually doesn’t encourage anyone.”

I wasn’t sure if the boy was trying to keep me away or if he had no idea what he desired. If he wanted me to back off, the hesitant glances and nervous looks weren’t the way to go. They were only making me more curious…more intrigued.

“If he’s trying to encourage me, he’s clearly not sure about it.”

Andrew sighed like the whole thing was one of those overly sweet romance movies. Considering the fact that my thoughts were decidedly more NC-17, I wasn’t sure he understood the situation. “Those shy looks and the way he’s trying to hide how turned on he is…it’s so cute.”


“Why what?” Andrew was too lost in his own fantasies to follow my train of thought.

“Why’s he trying to hide?”

Andrew looked at me like I was crazy. “How many guys do you know who’d want to share that kind of a kink, or whatever it is, before they’ve even had a chance to flirt?”

“My last two serious relationships started with a contract. I’m the wrong person to ask a question like that to.” I turned back to see my little twink cleaning off another booth while everyone watched, drooling. “Is he an exhibitionist?”

Andrew laughed, but it came out more as a giggle. “Maybe? Jake thinks it’s the teasing that gets him off.”

Something certainly was getting him off because his cock was still rock hard, and I could see his nipples, puckered and erect through the T-shirt. “That shirt is like two sizes smaller than the rest of you wear.”

“Yup.” Andrew grinned wickedly. “After the first week, I told him it shrunk in the dryer and gave him a tighter one. He just blushed and tried to hide that monster before he went in the back to change clothes.”

That put wicked images in my mind. “You’re terrible.”

“You’d have done something worse.”

“I’d have made the shirt thinner. Like those shirts from that other vendor. The cheap almost see-through ones that Jake hated.” Jake had put his foot down about his husband wearing something that sheer, but they would have looked incredible on the boy.

Andrew’s eyes widened. “Oh, I forgot about those. He’d love it. I think they’re still in a box somewhere. That packrat of mine doesn’t get rid of anything.” He licked his lips and watched as the server started walking back toward the bar.

“You’re making Jake crazy.”

“Yup.” Andrew gave me a side glance and winked. “On days Randy works, I get hammered as soon as Jake gets home. Most of the time, we don’t even make it to the bedroom.”

“He remembers you’re a bottom, right?” I’d known the two men too long to pull any punches or beat around the bush.

“If anything could tempt me to top, it’s that ass right there.” Andrew and I both watched as the boy bent over to pick up another dropped napkin.

The cautious look the boy gave me as he was bent over, flashing that ass to the men behind him, had my cock stirring. He might be worried what I’d think, but there was definite interest there. “I’m going to be the only one topping that perfection.”

“I want my fifty bucks!” Andrew grinned and hollered over to Jake.

Jake turned from the customer he’d been talking to, looking indignant and frustrated. “You cheated.”

“Did not.” Andrew smirked and ran his thumb over his fingers in a clear money gesture. “You just lost.”

“You were betting on me?” It didn’t surprise me at all.

I got another look like I was stupid. “Of course.”

“Why did Jake think I wouldn’t be interested?” That was the part I couldn’t figure out.

“Oh, we both knew you’d want him. Jake just thought it would take another night before you made a move.”

That had me laughing. “And you didn’t?”

“Hell, no, I remembered how long it’s been since you talked about anyone. Your right hand has to be exhausted.” He smirked as Jake started to stalk over, the thirsty customer forgotten.



“You cheated. You said something.” Jake growled the words out, convinced he was swindled.

“I’m just smarter. You can pay me when we get home.” Andrew turned his hot gaze to his husband. “Or I might be willing to discuss a deal. If you make it worth my while.”

“No sex in the bar, you two.”

Jake shook his head and barked out a laugh. “No sex in the front of the bar you mean.”

Giving Jake a look, I pointed to the boy who was inching his way up to the counter, trying to get Jake’s attention. “Come on up, Boy. I don’t bite.”

“Unless that’s what a cute little twink is into.” Andrew’s smart mouth couldn’t resist, and seeing how it made the little thing blush, I knew he hadn’t tried very hard to hold back.

“That goes without being said. Got to give a boy what he needs.” I ran my gaze up the twink’s tight body, making a long stop on his hard cock before bringing my eyes up to lock with his. “Every boy or sub needs something different.”

Beautiful Shame: Randall and Hudson by MA Innes - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

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When someone likes being watched and wicked things turn them on, nice guys avoid them like the plague. Randall has learned his lesson. He looks too vanilla and sweet for people to accept that what he wants is…embarrassing and dirty.

Hudson isn’t looking for love.

He doesn’t have anything against it. He just doesn’t have time for it. Growing the family business and keeping everything under control is taking up more time than he’d ever anticipated. But sometimes, fate has other plans…like finding an innocent, submissive, naughty little thing and dropping him right in Hudson’s lap.

Hudson knows he and Randall are opposite sides of the same coin and would be perfect for each other. He just has to convince Randall that what he wants isn’t dirty or shameful, and that it’s okay to stand up for himself.

Story Contains: M/m sexual content, spanking, exhibitionism, consensual humiliation play, and BDSM elements.

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