Quotes For Everyone – New Cuties n Kink Designs

New Cuties n Kink merch and this time it’s all about quotes! With 3 different quotes and designs, there’s a little something for everyone.

who let me be the adult here - cuties n kink merch grid of images

Who Let Me Be The Adult Here – Quote with Monkey, Giraffe, and Fox Stuffed Animal Designs

I love these cuties. I’m clearly never the adult at my house for a variety of reasons, but once my kids are both in college this fall, I’m going to be the only person here most of the time…do you think that will actually make me the adult by default? Hmm, I think some stickers of this one will be in order then.

My Soul Was Already Whole - quote with tentacle human holding hands - Cuties n Kink merch grid of images

My Soul Was Already Whole, Your Trust in Me Takes My Soul and Fills it – Quote from New Neighbors Series by MA Innes – Hand Tentacle Holding Hands

Every time I see the pictures of my tentacle guys it makes me want to write about them. The young waiter needs a story and I can think of a few more books we need as well. My aliens are just so sweet and have so much fun sexy times once they find their human mates. Tentacles definitely make everything hotter and more romantic.

It's Been a Rubber Ducky Kinda Day - Book Quote from MA Innes - Rubber Ducks in a Tub - Cuties n Kink

It’s Been a Rubber Ducky Kinda Day – Book Quote from MA Innes – Rubber Ducks in a Tub

This just makes me smile every time I see it. I think this needs to go in my guest bathroom. It’s fun and I love the colors and I love Skyler. This just makes me want to go back and see what he’s up to. What do you think? Do we all need a daily reminder that at least we don’t work for him?

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