Puppy Play Bundle Giveaway (Closed)

If you follow me on instagram, are in my private reader group, or signed up to my newsletter then you know it’s giveaway week! If not, it’s only Wednesday so you still have time to grab some free goodies from me! Thursday and Friday there will be giveaways in my group, be sure to join before then or you’ll miss out.

Today, I have a Puppy Play Bundle for you! It’s open to US only (international friends, the rest of the giveaways this week are open to you). Scroll down to the end of the post to find out how to enter for your chance to win.

Puppy Play Themed Book Bundle Giveaway from Shaw Montgomery / M.A. Innes

The Puppy Play Themed Bundle Includes:
-Paperbacks of The Accidental Master Series (books 1-3) Signed
-White Tote bag with Shaw Montgomery Logo
-”My George” themed lined notebook
-2 Shaw Montgomery stickers
-1 Shaw Montgomery pencil
-Shaw Montgomery Logo notepad
-”My George Themed magnet
-Circle pin with M.A. Innes Logo
-Rainbow dog tag
-Dog leash

::To Enter::
-Comment below what your favorite activity would be if you were a real puppy!
:Bonus Entry:
-Share a link to the giveaway (copy this: https://wp.me/paA4B0-1w1 ) on social media. Comment with a link to your social media post for proof (post must be public to count)

You have until tomorrow (Thursday) at 12pm EST to enter for your chance to grab this fun puppy play bundle.

Good luck!

52 thoughts on “Puppy Play Bundle Giveaway (Closed)

  1. If I was a real puppy my favorite activity would be going hiking and swimming with my owners. All the fun places to explore!

  2. If I was a real pup my favorite thing would be hiking. Being able to go new places and run around would be awesome.

  3. If I were a real puppy I think my favorite activity would be cuddles and pets. Not that different from my favorite activity now.

  4. If I was a real puppy, my favorite activity would probably be sneakily climbing up on furniture I wasn’t allowed on. Or obstacle courses, I like jumping on things.

  5. My favourite would be cuddling with my master… And be good for body rubs and treats… Lot of treats!!!

  6. I think I’d like to be in a cuddle pile. You see puppies all asleep cuddled up together. So cute.

  7. I’m a cuddler so cuddles would be top but also running. I’m not to quick with 2 legs but maybe on 4…?

    This was my first puppy play book/series. I love these books and I love this kink you introduced me to. ❤️

  8. My favorite activity if I were a real puppy would be snuggling on the couch with my master!!! I’m a lazy puppy!

  9. If I was a puppy my favorite activity would be cuddling and napping with my master. Of course snack time would be a close second.

  10. Jeez, color me too kinky for these answers, but as a male sub bottom who is more fem leaning for Daddy, I want to be in my first heat, tied up, and waiting for that next round of serial knotting…. but that’s just me….

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