Too Close To Risk (Loving Series Book 8)


Jumping in headfirst is something Kevin excels at, but now he’s not the only troublemaker in the family.

As the club visit gets closer and questions get more interesting, Kevin, Jeremy, Bryan, and Maddox are ready to take the next step in bringing their family closer together. Hopefully. Probably. Maybe? With Jeremy praying those steps don’t kill Bryan, and Kevin and Maddox giggling all the way, the holiday season has never been more interesting or more filled with love.
With a club visit to plan and the holidays to survive, four friends have to decide how big of a risk they’re willing to take to make the perfect family.

Author’s Note: This book contains the three bonus chapters that were included in Our Too Close Christmas which came out as a bonus freebie in 2021. Too Close to Risk starts before the holidays and ends on Christmas Eve. Too Close to Deny will finish Christmas and lead into more sexy shenanigans.

This is not a stand-alone story; books must be read in order.

5 reviews for Too Close To Risk (Loving Series Book 8)

  1. FHR

    With thanksgiving on the horizon, we see these guys plotting and planning to have a thanksgiving full of kinky goodness, festive food and found family get togethers.

    There is a trip to our well loved kink club as well and some never imagined before fantasies voiced.

    A lovely catch up with these guys and I can’t wait for more.

  2. TJ

    The Too Close series is what many will call Taboo.

    So please read any warnings before reading the books. Don’t read and then hate on them, they are great books, sweet and well loving. While not for everyone I do love Jeremy and Kevin.

    I am enjoying how there story is going and reading about their closeness to Bryan and Maddox just feels right for them.

    I just love Shaw/M.A books and how the characters never say bye, they pop up and we can read more about them.

    If you want to Read about Bryan and Maddox more you can find them in the Pieces series.

    Can’t wait for more

    Highly recommend

  3. Zoi

    I love Jeremy, Kevin, Maddox and Bryan. I love their friendship and I love how the lovingly tease each other, how they support and help each other grow. What I love the most is how naturally their friendship evolved into something more. They are so good at communicating their desires and limits, even shy Bryan, their relationship is beautiful. I loved reading about their first visit at the club, and the Thanksgiving dinner with their friends and I really really can’t wait to read more about those four. They make me laugh and warm my heart. If you’re a fan of the series I promise you’ll adore the new book! I finished it in a day, I couldn’t put it down!

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Series Order: Too Close to Love | Too Close to Hide | Too Close to Break | Too Close to Fall | Too Close to Lose | Too Close to Doubt | Too Close to Change | Too Close to Risk | Too Close to Deny| Too Close to Risk | Too Close to Resist |

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