Too Close To Hide (Loving Book 2)


Kevin and Jeremy have finally gotten everything they’d ever wanted…but now what?

They have more questions than answers and stress is mounting. Are they out? Are they actually free of their domineering parents? How do they explain their relationship when they can’t even define it themselves?

They thought that falling in love was the hard part, but now they’re starting to see that it was just the beginning.

Listen to a sample from the Audiobook:

**Narration done by Zachary Zaba**

Author’s Note: This is not a stand-alone story; books must be read in order.

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  1. Amy

    I really enjoy your work

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Series Order: Too Close to Love | Too Close to Hide | Too Close to Break | Too Close to Fall | Too Close to Lose | Too Close to Doubt | Too Close to Change | Too Close to Risk | Too Close to Deny| Too Close to Risk | Too Close to Resist |

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