Too Close To Doubt


Jeremy and Kevin’s house is almost perfect. Along with more room to spread out, it comes with new ways to drive Bryan crazy and playrooms for a little and a middle. But change also comes with new trials for in the brothers.

As Kevin sees their world evolving, he loves knowing that they’ve taken their first steps toward a true grown-up future together, but that brings up more questions. Will it change their relationship? What will the future look like? When everyone around him has found their passion in life and is sprinting full-steam ahead toward their goals, will he ever figure out what he’s supposed to be doing?



Author’s Note This is not a standalone story; books must be read in order.

Series order:

Too Close to Love

Too Close to Hide

Too Close to Break

Too Close to Fall

Too Close to Lose

Too Close to Doubt

4 thoughts on “Too Close To Doubt

  1. I purchased Too Close to Lose and Too Close to Doubt but I don’t seem to have a way to access them. Should I not have received an email? I purchased them using PayPal. Please advise how I access the books.

    1. You probably already have them downloaded on your device. Check your download folder for the mobi file and then email that file to your kindle email address. Email me or message me on FB if you can’t find it.

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