Too Close to Deny (Loving Book 9)


Sometimes Santa brings toys and sometimes he brings confidence that leads to curious questions.

Driving everyone crazy is supposed to be Kevin’s role in their unconventional family, but with Bryan’s fears fading and his questions mounting after their visit to the Bound & Controlled club, he’s turning the tables on Kevin. But everyone knows that questions lead to thoughts and thoughts lead to wicked plans…wicked plans that might change everything.

When Daddy Jeremy comes to play and Master Maddox comes up with a naughty date, it just might be time to shake up the status quo, letting the love and trust they have in each other shine through this holiday season.

Author’s Note: This is not a stand-alone story; books must be read in order.

Series order:

Too Close to Love
Too Close to Hide
Too Close to Break
Too Close to Fall
Too Close to Lose
Too Close to Doubt
Too Close to Change
Too Close to Risk
Too Close to Deny

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5 thoughts on “Too Close to Deny (Loving Book 9)

  1. oh a truly amazing edition to the season for these littles an their daddies. Between Maddox and Kevin’s antics little Bryan is is constant glitch, while wondering about how far Daddy Jeremy is willing go.  Kevin is such an amazing almost big brother that just is so wonderfully failing at keeping his thoughts on one thing at a time. Oh a the boys are totally the masterminds behind their daddies ideas!

  2. Kevin and Jeremy are still as in love as ever, as are Bryan and Maddox, but the intimacy between the couples is growing. We’ve seen Jeremy and Maddox become closer, while Kevin and Bryan can practically read each other’s minds. Now Kevin and Maddox are preparing for a scene together, while Jeremy gets ready to be a second daddy for Bryan’s little side.
    This book is sexy, sweet, and full of humor – as is the entire series. I love getting inside the minds of these wonderful characters, and I’m already excited for the next installment.

  3. I’m having the best time with Jeremy, Kevin, Maddox and Bryan. The dynamics between the four of them are so interesting and beautiful. I love Maddox and Jeremy together, and it was great seeing them getting closer in this this book. And I really enjoyed the chemistry between Maddox and Kevin and Jeremy and Bryan. This book was absolutely fantastic. There were many laugh out loud moments and there were some really really steamy scenes too. And Bryan is the cutest, I just want to hug him.
    I can’t wait to read more about them and see how their relationship evolves. The love between them is beautiful.

  4. Being so close to each other everyday, it’s only natural for the relationship between theses four to have progressed in the manner it has.
    With their thoughts and ideas being vocalised, they get to be safe and explore together.
    In this fantastic addition to the series, we get to see Kevin do a scene with Maddox whilst little Bryan enjoys some time with Daddy Jeremy.
    An absolute must read.

  5. Too Close to Deny is the 9th book in the Loving series by M.A. Innes. It’s the continuation of the Loving and Pieces series so read them first! I love Kevin, Jeremy, Bryan and Maddox so much!! This book was another amazing addition to their story. Their story is sweet, sexy, full of feels and so very well written. I can’t wait for next book (and honestly hope this series never ends!)

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