Too Close to Change (Loving Book 7)


For some people change is scary, but others jump in headfirst.

Jeremy and Kevin’s life takes another curious turn when Maddox needs an interesting favor and Jeremy is just the man for the job. In his role as a test dummy to help Maddox learn the art of shibari, Jeremy and Maddox cross an unexpected line and new boundaries are tested. But change is inevitable when you’re closer than family…right?

With career goals to pursue, sexy new skills to learn, and a sleepover to plan, change is inevitable…and sometimes a lot of fun.

This is not a stand-alone story; books must be read in order.


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Series Order: Too Close to Love | Too Close to Hide | Too Close to Break | Too Close to Fall | Too Close to Lose | Too Close to Doubt | Too Close to Change | Too Close to Risk | Too Close to Deny| Too Close to Risk | Too Close to Resist |

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