Shaw Montgomery – M.A. Innes PDF Booklist


Keep track of all books published by Shaw Montgomery and M.A. Innes with these PDF Booklists!

Newly updated as of March 2023, there are now 2 different PDF Booklists!

The 18 Page Fillable, Extended Info PDF Booklist

This is a full color document featuring:
-Books grouped by series (sorted by pen name, and alphabetically by series title)
-With indicators for book format (ebook, kindle unlimited, paperback, and audiobook)
-AISN or ISBN numbers when relevant
-Keywords/triggers for each book that list everything from pairing (mm, mmm, mf) to kinks (age play, humifaction, lingerie) to more intense triggers (attempted kidnapping, incest)
-Main character names
-Information about the series (standalone books or direct sequels)
-Space to leave your own rating (out of 5)
-Space for your own personal notes to record your favorite parts, or facts you want to remember
-When viewing on a computer or device, you can click links for Amazon, Audible, and Goodreads to navigate directly to the book or series you’re interested in.

The 3 Page Basic Info PDF Booklist

This is a much more simple document featuring:
-Books grouped by series (sorted by pen name)
-Main character names
-And a box to check mark if you’ve read the title

The Basic Info PDF is not editable digitally but is great to print out on standard 8.5×11 printer paper, mark up with your pen and keep on your bookshelf or in your desk!

For more information on how to use these PDFs, go to the PDF Booklists page.


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These PDFs will be updated periodically to reflect new publications from Shaw Montgomery/MA Innes.

Current versions:
Fillable, Extended Info PDF Booklist V2.0 – Titles updated as of March 2023
Basic Info PDF Booklist V1.0 – Titles updated as of March 2023

Documents may not be sold or re-purposed for profit.

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Extended 18 Page PDF, Basic 3 Page PDF