His to Use


Perry can’t decide if talking about what he wants is going to kill him or get him everything he’s ever desired. He’s leaning toward the whole situation giving him a heart attack as he tries to figure out how he feels about TC and having a Dom in general, but with the perfect Dom right in front of him all along, maybe death isn’t so inevitable?

TC can’t decide if giving his brother everything he’s ever fantasized about will finally make him happy…or give him a stroke from overthinking everything. It seems like it could go either way but that doesn’t mean he’s willing to back down…not even from the biggest question yet…are they ready for their first date?

Story contains consensual incest, a sex sub in lingerie, a younger Dom, mild BDSM, and lots of dirty talk. This is not a stand-alone story; books must be read in order.

2 reviews for His to Use

  1. FHR

    An absolutely delicious taboo read.
    Picking up from where book one ended, we get the brothers indulging deeper into their Dom and sub roles.
    With Perry being an over thinker, TC is the perfect one to balance him out.
    With steamy scenes and an a date to spice things up, this is an engaging read from start to finish.
    I can’t wait for the conclusion of their story.

  2. Cheryl_cajun

    Thank you for arc read, I voluntarily give this book an honest review. Watching Perry letting go from the oddities of their new life is fascination in the works.
    Its a fast but also slow branching more into future TC envisions, after all if he wants Perry to see that future also. (Oh the naughty) steps taken place to being the Dom that Perry needed,  now just placing the moves just right not to spook his boy.

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