His to Dare


Perry’s never been closeted about his sexuality…but that doesn’t mean he wants to talk about it. There are just some things he shouldn’t have to discuss with family or strangers. But when his need to keep his kinks private and his desire to submit come to a head, he finds himself having to explain his passion for humiliation and submission to the one person he never expected…his brother.

TC’s always thought of Perry as…well, boring. While never a closet case, Perry was always the most vanilla gay guy TC had ever met. Until he wasn’t. When secrets come out, TC is left with curious questions and a drunk Perry who’s much more interesting than TC ever imagined. As sexy secrets are revealed, TC has to figure out if he has the courage to become the man Perry needs him to be…his Dom.

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  1. Allie

    So, I LOVE this author, and have been following them and ready everything they put out for years, but THIS WAS SOOOOO GOOD! Like, another level of hot. While also with sweet moments. Heyyyy, a little mention of some previous characters, but is a standalone with a satisfying HFN, with more to come and I cannot wait!!!!! To the author: please keep writing all the yummy books!!!! Totally a no think about it, read everything that comes out author!!!

  2. JD

    His to Dare is fun and sexy. TC and Perry are unique and interesting guys. Both are extremely smart and had an unorthodox upbringing. They were never made ashamed of trying to figure out who they were individually. On their own for now TC learns more about Perry than he ever expected to. He now has a chance to help his brother, enjoy his Dom side, and maybe get more than he expected to.

    Perry has has shit luck in the romance department, but that’s mostly on him. He now has a chance to have what he really and truly wants even if it is with someone he never thought about.

    This is a great start to this unique relationship and I can’t wait to read more about them. I had a fun time with this one and think that the guys are good together.

  3. Jamie Lee Zonneveld

    His to Dare is the first book in a new series by M.A. Innes. It’s about Perry and TC. I loved these guys and the start of their story. It was sweet, sexy, fun and very well written. Can’t wait to read the next part of their story!!

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