Pride Month and Stuffies! – New Cuties n Kink Designs

So much cuteness and not enough places to put it.

These stuffies look so cute on the blankets and pillows that I need another guest room to decorate. A playroom maybe? I’m going to need a bigger house.

I’m rereading Bashful because I have to take some notes (one of the omegaverse books) and I think Austin’s house is the only one big enough for all the fun rooms I want to have. Do you think he’d let me move in with him?

Stuffies Pattern with Rainbow Dots - Cuties n Kink - image grid

Stuffed Animal Pattern with Rainbow Dots – Fox, Wolf, Panda, Giraffe, Monkey

I really am a pillows and blankets kind of person so I’m leaning toward pillows for this one but I think the apron is so much fun even though it would make my kids laugh.

I’ve got a small loveseat in my bedroom, so if I get a few sets, I can rotate through aliens and stuffed animals and teddy bears. It’ll be fun and if I’m subtle enough my son won’t ask me how many I bought. (Somehow he’s turned into the real grown-up in the house lol)

Stuffies Make Everything Better - Cuties n Kink - image Grid

Stuffies Make Everything Better – Quote with Purple Patchwork Teddy Bear

Just seeing this makes me want to go back to writing about my aliens. They’re so cute and just so sweet together. I think we all need someone that passionate and funny in our lives.

Your Soul Will Always Be Carried With Me - Cuties n Kink - image grid

Your Soul Will Always Be Carried With Me

Teddy bears! I’m going to end up with so many notebooks I’ll have to start using them to decorate my office. Okay, maybe the cards would be more practical for that?

A long time ago (and several moves ago) I painted a wall in my kitchen with magnetic paint so I could easily hang up the kids' artwork and school stuff. I think I might need to do that in my office this time so I can hang up all the different pictures I want.

Okay, who’s going to help with that project?

LGBTQIA Rainbow Pride Flag Teddy Bear - Cuties n Kink - image grid

Teddy Bear Stuffie with Pansexual Pride Flag

Pansexual Pride Flag Teddy Bear - Cuties n Kink - image grid

Teddy Bear Stuffie with LGBTQIA+ Rainbow Pride Flag

Genderqueer Pride Flag Teddy Bear - Cuties n Kink - image grid

Teddy Bear Stuffie with Genderqueer Pride Flag Sticker

Comment below: Which design is your favorite from this update? What pride flags do you want to see next time?

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