2 College Guys Against a Hurricane And Tsunami – When The Storm Comes is Now LIVE!

How would I write that?

Some of my favorite stories/series have started as random mental wandering after you guys have made comments on Facebook or from messages and emails you’ve sent me. My Beautiful Shame series (humiliation play) started after seeing a comment in a Facebook group where readers were talking about humiliation and wondering if it had to be dark. My curious imagination took that idea and just ran with it. Those books are some of my favorites because I love all the dirty talk and sexy blushes. That series has the dirtiest subs, but they all look so shy.

Another fun what if turned out to be My Cameron, my first tentacle book. After another fun conversation online, I had to see what my version of a tentacle book would look like. It took a while for me to take that first chapter and turn it into a full story, but it’s turned into a fun series. The next book for that world is coming out in May (Tentacle Tales Anthology), and it’s going to be about the porn couple that was mentioned in several of the books.

My disaster book (When the Storm Comes) is another one of those ideas that came from a what if. I love all those early nineties movies about disasters like asteroids hitting the Earth. But my favorite part of those movies was the relationships and the romances that sprang up.

I started writing When the Storm Comes after falling down a rabbit hole where watching Armageddon for the thousandth time led to some fun documentaries on what might happen in different disaster scenarios. Of course, with my imagination there had to be a romance in there somewhere (and a bit of kink lol). But it’s got the same wonderful feel of my college guys stories. If you love Kevin’s snark and teasing and Leon’s dry tone and confusion, you’re going to love Trey and Donovan.

I can’t wait to see what you think of When the Storm Comes, which is finally live, and the other fun surprises I have coming up this year…like more audiobooks, Bishop’s story, and lots more that are planned out and keep rolling around in my head.

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When the Storm Comes by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover

My International Daddy has Arrived! – International Daddies: A Multicultural Daddy Dom Anthology Now Available!

I love traveling and Daddy books, so when I was asked to participate in the International Daddies Anthology, I thought it sounded like fun.

My story for the anthology is in the same universe as my M.A. Innes books and Bennett is a friend of Skyler’s, so we get to see him pop into this story. His Scottish Daddy (aka Daddy to the Rescue) is about a little who gets stuck at Heathrow Airport in London because of an unexpected snowstorm.

He’s not sure what to do or how to change his plans, so in his panic, he calls Skyler. Well, Skyler can’t come in person to help, so he sends a Daddy to the rescue…a sexy, Scottish Daddy.

These two are sweet and have instant chemistry as Daddy and boy, but as they get to know one another, that chemistry deepens into something more.

His Scottish Daddy is the only MM story in the anthology, but the anthology is also in KU. I hope you have fun with Bennett and Robert.

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International Daddies: A Multicultural Daddy Dom Anthology

What’s Coming Up?

Oh, that’s a hard question…the answer is everything, really. I’ve got several books and ideas in various stages.

-One of the things I’m actively writing is a novella for the Dirty Daddies Pride Anthology (June) that has Tony and Loki from the coffee shop in it. (You meet them in A Whipped Cream Kind of Day.)

Skyler snaps and he’s demanding they fix their drama (that’s the definition of irony right there). Remy has to step in and try to help them sort their snark into something more productive…like romance. They’re so cute. I can’t wait to show you more about their story.

-I’m also working on the next book for TC and Perry. I love getting to write the dirty talk in that series, but seeing how they justify their decisions is one of my favorite things about the books. They’re so funny and sexy. I can’t wait to show you how their story continues in His to Use.

-The next book in the disaster series is also underway. Donovan and Trey are so much fun to write. I love seeing how their relationship is developing. I can’t give away too much yet, but I’m having so much fun with these guys. (Book 1, When the Storm Comes, will be released on April 29th!)

Also on the schedule for later this year (so in the planning phases right now) are:

-Bishop (who shows up as side character in Wesley, and Christopher & Ethan Beautiful Shame, Book 3).

-Aubrey and Lincoln’s story (Aubrey shows up in Rethinking Fate)

-Another Too Close book

-And probably another Beautiful Shame book…

And lots more because everyone in my head is very chatty.

Comment below: What are you looking forward to the most?

Tanner is FREE this Weekend!

My omegas…I started playing around with my omegas after reading a variety of omegaverse that was all darker than I liked and sadder than I wanted to read. So I started to wonder if it had to be that depressing and what I thought would really happen if humans had that kind of evolutionary tract.

The answer is kinky and hilarious.

My omegas are feisty and funny. If you like sweet BDSM, subs who know what they want, and found families, my omegas are for you.

If you haven’t tried out these guys yet, book one, Tanner, is free from April 1st through the 5th.

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Tanner by Shaw Montgomery - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Time to prove They’re Too Close to Break – Too Close to Break Audiobook Now Available!

Kevin and Jeremy…I love getting to go back and play with these two. They’ve grown so much since the beginning of their relationship. Their third book, Too Close to Break, is one of my favorites because it feels like a turning point for them. They’re growing stronger as a couple, but they get to see that they’re not alone. Bryan (from the Pieces Series) stepping in to help when the police showed up at their door is one of my favorite parts. He’s so cute.

I can’t wait for you to listen to the newest audiobook, and I hope you enjoy going back to visit these sweet guys.

There will be more books in their series, but I don’t have an exact release date for the next one. However, the good part is that I already have their next book started, so it will be easy to jump back into it later this year.

Have fun with the audiobook for Too Close to Break.

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Too Close to Break by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover

Here’s a short audio sample:

PS: The Loving series are not stand-alone stories, books should be read/listened to in order. Click on the titles below to grab the first 2 books in the series.
Too Close to Love – Book 1
Too Close to Hide – Book 2

Sparks Fly between Perry and TC – His to Dare Now Available!

His to Dare is finally live!

For me, inspiration comes from a variety of places, everything from songs to random memes, but for His to Dare…it all started with the cover image.

In a Facebook group, a cover artist was frustrated over how Amazon would never let her make a sexy cover out of the image, but that’s when I got to step in and explain how I didn’t have to worry about the prudes at Amazon. (You should probably be picturing me bouncing up and down in my chair going me me I want it.)

I was so excited, and I knew right away this was a naughty sub whose kinks had finally been discovered by his brother. But it took me a while to figure out the details.

Perry (the sub) was stubborn and didn’t think he should have to talk about his kinks, and his brother just shrugged and said it wasn’t his job to tell me what happened.

They’re both slightly nuts and very dramatic…but I love them to pieces.

The drunk scene where Perry finally confesses to TC what he’s been hiding was so much fun to write. I can’t wait for you to meet them and for you to see the sparks fly between the two brothers.

His to Dare has mild BDSM with lots of dirty talk, a sexy boy in lingerie, and brothers with the typical antics.

It’s available on Smashwords and here on my site.

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His to Dare by MA Innes - Gay Romance Taboo Book Cover