Owners and Dolls

Aww. I had the best Owner ever. Now I just had to make sure he knew I belonged to him and wasn’t on loan like some kind of library book. – Emerson

Bouncing through life, the only things Emerson knows for sure are that he has the best job ever and one day he’s going to meet the Dom of his dreams. Working at Leashes & Lace has given him a fascinating job and wonderful friends, and now it’s given him Luca…the corset designer who is meant to own him.

Hiding from everything he knows he shouldn’t want, Luca has spent a lifetime building up his business and fighting against his fantasies. Funneling his passion into his work, Luca’s become one of the most sought-after designers in the country and a desperately lonely Dom…until a mesmerizing model sweeps into his life and past every defense.

Sparks and corsets fly when a wickedly sweet doll meets the Owner of his dreams, but even with his stubbornly sexy Owner dragging his feet every step of the way, Emerson knows fairy-tale romances like this always end with happily ever after.