Our Love: The Story

When had his whole life become so miserable?

Bishop knew something had to change when the only bright spots in his life were his online friends. So when a chance to visit one came out of the blue, he knew it was fate…and fate had a plan that involved the guys at his favorite online store, Leashes & Lace.

When had his whole life become so boring?

Cohen knew something had changed the moment he saw the smiling, laughing man across the crowded bar. After a string of bad dates and terrible relationships, his expectations had hit rock bottom…until a smiling pup stepped into his arms and into his life.

When had his whole life become so grown-up?

Ian knew something had to change when he couldn’t remember the last Daddy he’d dated. Unfortunately, while his work had subs popping out from behind every camera lens, Leashes & Lace didn’t have an abundance of Daddies wandering around…or at least they didn’t until a new pup came bouncing into town.

Author's Note:

Our Love is the complete series of three novels that contains Our Pup, Our Boy, and Our Dom. The individual titles will be released separately. As you’ve probably guessed, this sweet romance is about a pup, a little, and a Dom and will be MMM with a wonderfully happy ending.

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