One…Two…Three – Our Boy Now Available!

Do you remember Ian?

The boxed set Our Love was released last September and had the complete series for Bishop, Cohen, and Ian. Our Boy is the second book in the boxed set and is now live on its own.

In the first book, they started moving closer toward each other and figuring out how a Dom and a little could share a pup.

In Our Boy, it’s time for the Dom to figure out what he thinks about having a boy in his life. Cohen isn’t sure how it will come together but he knows there’s a spark between the three of them that he can’t deny.

This sweet MMM romance has age play and puppy play. If you’re new to the series start with Our Pup or the boxed set, Our Love, which is already out. If it’s time to do a reread, have fun with the individual book…and if you loved the story the first time…I would really appreciate a review of the individual books.

Check out Chapter 1 for Our Boy here.

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Our Boy by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover

Cohen knew something had changed the moment he saw the smiling, laughing man across the crowded bar. After a string of bad dates and terrible relationships, his expectations had hit rock bottom…until a smiling pup stepped into his arms and into his life.

However, nothing is simple as Cohen dives into the curious relationship between his pup, his pup’s boy, and the three of them together. With Cohen learning what it means to be in a relationship with two men and Bishop learning what it means to be a Daddy, there’s no way to hide how they’re coming to feel about their boy.

When a Dom, an unexpected switch, and a little finally open up, anything can happen.

Story Contains: MMM Sexual Content, BDSM elements, Spankings, and Age Play

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