Oblivious Friends to Lovers – Ender’s Curiosity is Now Available!

Ender's Curiosity blog post by Shaw Montgomery/MA Innes at authorshawmontgomery.com

My pups are finally live!

Ender and Leif are here and I can’t wait to show you how adorably oblivious they are (Leif especially).

Ender’s Curiosity has puppy play and is a friends-to-lovers romance that’s going to start a new series of connected standalones. Leashes and Love will have stories about the pups from Leashes and Lace, so lots of fun cameos and as we get deeper into the series a lot of photo shoots with the pups.

Ender's Curiosity by MA Innes


No. It means nothing. I’m just curious. It’s certainly not worth blowing up my life over, no matter what the crazy man thinks. Watching the pups is fun. A pastime. They’re cute. I’m not imagining having a tail. I don’t need a Handler. There’s no way I want to curl up on Leif.

There’s no way he’d let me, right?


Wow. He wants to what? He wants me to do what? Well, friends help friends. That’s what best friends and roommates are for. The pups are cute. He’s cute. He’s nuts but I can see why he’d like a tail. But with me? There’s no way he’d want me to do that. Does he realize what would happen if we did?

Just because I like control doesn’t mean I’d like that…right?

Love and tails are in the air when two Peeping Toms get more than they bargained for…friends at Leashes & Lace and a new way to see what was there all along.

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