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Too Close to Resist

“He wouldn’t plan his porn career with me because he thinks I’m weak.”

When two troublemaking cuties can’t resist family, passion, or questionable logic, sometimes change brings on all new fears.

“We broke him.”

Kevin generally knows just how much he can push Bryan before the loveable nut panics, but when that line seems to have moved because of shenanigans (or possibly vanished through nefarious means…aliens might be involved) he’s left calling the Daddies, and wondering what to do next.

Jeremy, Kevin, Bryan, and Maddox are getting closer than ever, but as confidence grows and relationships shift, there’s a new worry on the horizon. Have they broken Bryan?

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Ender’s Curiosity


No. It means nothing. I’m just curious. It’s certainly not worth blowing up my life over, no matter what the crazy man thinks. Watching the pups is fun. A pastime. They’re cute. I’m not imagining having a tail. I don’t need a Handler. There’s no way I want to curl up on Leif.

There’s no way he’d let me, right?


Wow. He wants to what? He wants me to do what? Well, friends help friends. That’s what best friends and roommates are for. The pups are cute. He’s cute. He’s nuts but I can see why he’d like a tail. But with me? There’s no way he’d want me to do that. Does he realize what would happen if we did?

Just because I like control doesn’t mean I’d like that…right?

Love and tails are in the air when two Peeping Toms get more than they bargained for…friends at Leashes & Lace and a new way to see what was there all along.

Daddy’s Little Sunshine

“But I’m a princess boy because being a prince would be very boring. They just wear suits and look bored until they find their princesses. I’d rather be the princess. They have more fun and they wear pretty clothes. Littles should always have sparkly clothes.” – Addison

Addison knows princess littles are the best kind of littles but sometimes people don’t always understand. He’s a tiny bit worried his wonderful delivery man won’t understand but not enough to keep him from asking out the amazing man who brings him cookie dough and pizza.

Anyone who brings treats and smiles so big has to be the perfect Daddy, right?

Tate knows there’s no one in the world like the sunshiny cutie with a sweet tooth and a passion for silly games, but he doesn’t realize just how special Addison is until the charming man asks him out on a date…and about his views on Daddies and princess littles.

Sometimes finding Mr. Right is a struggle, but sometimes fate delivers him along with the best cookies a little ever had.

Author's Note:

Daddy’s Little Sunshine was originally a novella in the Dirty Daddies Pride 2023 Anthology. It has been expanded by 40,000 words for this release.

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Kenton’s Courage


How soon is too soon to let your uniqueness shine?

Kenton doesn’t have the best track record of getting the timing right but he really wants to get it perfect this time because he knows he’s not only met Mr. Right, he’s met the Handler of his dreams. The only problem? Bane doesn’t seem to know what that is.

Is there ever a right time to tell your vanilla boyfriend that he’d be a wonderful Handler?


How soon is too soon to ask someone if they know they’re not vanilla?

Bouncy, adorable, and slightly naughty, Kenton is everything Bane has always wanted in a partner. The only problem is that Bane isn’t as vanilla as he seems, but he isn’t sure how to bring that up to the possibly confused Kenton.

Is there ever a right time to ask your vanilla boyfriend if he’s ever thought about exploring puppy play?

Author's Note:

Kenton originally showed up as a friend in the Our Love trilogy. You don’t need to have read that series to enjoy Kenton’s book.

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