My Perfect Fit

My Perfect Fit

Book 2 in Pieces Series

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My Perfect Fit by MA Innes - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Maddox thought the hardest part of his relationship with Bryan would be just getting it started. He was wrong.

Learning how to be the Dom and Daddy that Bryan needs is harder than he ever imagined. Each new step in their relationship is a learning experience he’s not sure he’s ready to handle. He wants to make the right decisions, but he’s afraid he doesn’t know how.

Bryan thought the hardest part of his relationship with Maddox would just be admitting that he wanted one. He was wrong.

Opening up to Maddox has been hard enough, but when it becomes clear Maddox wants to find friends that understand the lifestyle, Bryan isn’t sure he can handle it. When he can barely share what he needs with Maddox, how is he supposed to talk about it with someone else?

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