My Favorites from 2022

When Sage (my wonderful PA) put together a list of the books I published this year it surprised me. I’ve kept pushing through this year feeling like I haven’t done enough and haven’t gotten enough accomplished. Looking at the list, though, I got more done than I realized.

So focusing on the best parts of 2022, I had so much fun writing every book that came out this year, but some of my favorites are Owners & Dolls, the Trouble Comes in Threes series, and Bishop and his cuties.

—Emerson (Owners & Dolls) was just so funny. Every thought and random thing that came out of his mouth made me smile, and I loved that he was so wonderfully unique. His uninhibited way of seeing life was so much fun to write.

—The story for Donovan and Trey (Trouble Comes in Threes) was more of a passion project. I love disaster movies, and my favorite time in movies was in the late ’90s when all the asteroid movies came out. I love those, so when I started watching some fun documentaries on what-if scenarios, I knew I had to write one. They’re so sweet and I love their banter.

—Bishop and his cuties took a long time to get started, but once I figured out what he wanted and what he needed, things came together quickly. I’m very grateful for several friends and readers who helped me brainstorm about these guys, and I’m very grateful that so many of you jumped into the series so I could release the boxed set first.

I’m still figuring out what I should aim for in 2023, but what I plan and what the people in my head start chatting about aren’t always in sync. So far, I know I have a few things to finish like His to Use and His to Love (His To…Series). I also want to go back to my omegaverse, and there are a few fun projects with other authors that I’ve agreed to do.

I can’t wait to tell you all about them, but in the meantime, if there’s a kink you want to see me explore in a book or a past character you’re ready to read more about (like our cutie the baker’s son who popped up in the Bound & Controlled series), comment below or join my reader group to let me know.

Here's to a pretty good 2022 and an even better 2023.

Books Published in 2022 by Shaw Montgomery -MA Innes

Including bonus shorts, audiobooks of previously published titles, and new releases…I released 22 titles in 2022!

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