Book 3 in the One Simple Word series

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Love by Shaw Montgomery - Gay Romance Book Cover

Dare knows that love alone can’t save his boys from a terrible fate…meeting his insane family.

Every hurdle they’ve crossed and every step they’ve taken has brought them closer together, but to test their bonds, Ryan, Scott, and Dare know they have one big obstacle left to tackle…family. But for Scott and Ryan, Dare’s two strong, sexy subs, admitting what they need from Dare is easy compared to handling his rambunctious family.

Between his family testing his patience and his desire to test his boys’ limits, Dare knows that keeping their relationship quiet won’t last much longer. But as love takes their relationship to the next level, the one thing they all know is that they’re finally where they were meant to be…together.

This is the new and final book in the One Simple Word series and should be read in order after Yours, book one, and Love, book two.

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