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I first started working on this ages ago, but it never felt right. I wasn’t exactly sure what was off with it until I showed it to my Patreon. They were great and a few people especially gave really sweet feedback about how to make it better.

I had to make it naughtier.

I think that’s my favorite part of having something like Patreon. I love being able to show them what I’m working on and to see what they think…especially with projects like this.

Doctor Conner is a fun novella where Finley and Jared from the last Beautiful Shame book go to the Bound and Controlled club to play doctor. We haven’t gotten to see all of those themed rooms yet, so I thought this was a fun way to explore them.

This has Jared and Finley playing Master and slave, where Conner is the naughty doctor inspecting the new merchandise. I really think this is a fun standalone, and to read this, all you really need to know is that Finley looks innocent but is a dirty cutie. Jared is his Dom and thinks Finley is adorable and he likes showing him off. Conner is one of the club owners and Finley’s good friend.

Naughty best friends are the best kind.

Doctor Conner has some slave/master fun, exhibitionism, medical play, and some best friends just having fun play. There’s no true MMM here and Conner keeps his clothes on, so there is no traditionally penetrative sex. Finley has fun, though, so don’t worry about that part.

Check out Doctor Conner and let me know if you want to see more naughty shorts with things like the medical play. I had fun writing this and I’d love any excuse to see what else we can play around with.

Doctor Conner is currently available here on my site and on Smashwords.

BS: Doctor Conner by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover

Jared has a reward for his wickedly wonderful sub, and it’s time to show Finley what his Dom has planned.

Playing doctor with a naughty slave.

Of course, if they’re going to play Master and slave, they have to find the best person to play the role of Doctor…and who better for that role than Conner, Finley’s best friend and naughty confidant. With Doctor Conner there to give a needy slave a thorough exam, it will be a reward Finley will never forget.

Sometimes fantasies stay just in naughty imaginations, but sometimes it takes a special friend to help show how much fun rewards and role-playing can be.

One thought on “Medical Role Play Fun – Doctor Conner Is Now Available

  1. “Doctor Conner” is a spicy mm romance novella. Our two main characters are Jared and Finley, an established couple, that have their own book in the “Beautiful shame” series by the author. The book can be read as a standalone.
    This is a short story where Finley rewards Jared by fulfilling one of his fantasies. It’s a naughty and steamy book but sweet at the same time. A fast read that I finished in one sitting and had a fun time reading.

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