Master by Choice Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“If you don’t stop bouncing around, I’m going to tell Master you’ve been good today!” Sawyer’s words burst out once he seemed to reach the end of his rope.

I was excited, but nowhere near hyper enough to be sending his stress levels that high. I’d have been worried, but I knew exactly what was on his mind. Giving him a big smile that made him groan in frustration, I answered him sweetly. “If you do, I’ll tell him you were jerking off in the shower this morning.”

His eyes went wide, but I could see the desire flaring in his eyes. “That’s lying! I did not!”

“It doesn’t matter. It will still get you the punishment you want.” I had to laugh as Sawyer sputtered and sent me dirty looks. “I think he’ll believe me enough that you could find yourself bent over his lap later.”

And even though I’d be lying, Sawyer wouldn’t be able to deny it convincingly enough, because he wanted the spanking.


“That’s just…” Sawyer couldn’t seem to find the word and drive at the same time.

“Perfect? Devious? Sexy as hell? I know.” Beaming, I did a little happy dance in my seat. “If we weren’t heading for such a perfect date, I’d say I couldn’t wait to get home to Jackson’s.”

Sawyer still hadn’t found his brain, so I went back to my original topic. “The amusement park, Sawyer! I haven’t been in years. Do you think they still have the roller coaster that goes upside down?”

He just stared out the windshield, so I kept babbling. It wasn’t hard. I was so excited they were going to have to peel me off the roof of the car. “It seemed scary last time I went, but I was young. So it probably—”

“You get sick riding in the back seat of the car. I’m not going to put you on a roller coaster!” Sawyer tried to calm down, but it wasn’t working. He needed a spanking and wasn’t admitting to Master just how much he wanted it. He sighed and tried to relax. “I’m sorry.”

Reaching over, I let my hand rest on his leg. “Deep breath. We’re just going to have fun and then go back and have hot sex. It’s a stress-free day.”

Sawyer finally laughed. “You’re right. It’s not the rides I’m worried about.”


I nodded, giving him an understanding look that was totally hammed up. “It’s the hot sex later, isn’t it?”

Shaking his head, Sawyer played the game with me. “Nope.”

“The amount of sugar I’m going to consume?” That was definitely a good one.

“No.” Then he started to laugh. “I can’t believe he promised you all that shit.”

“Master loves me. Of course he’d get me treats.” Oops.


Not wanting the “We don’t want to go too fast” lecture, I jumped in. “Watching me play as a pup? He promised me a surprise soon.”

“No, but that should probably worry me.” Then he sighed, and I knew I hadn’t distracted him well enough. “I know how you feel, but we’ve only been on a couple of dates with him.”

“Dates, shmates.” I shrugged. “He likes my pup, and he’s Master, and he buys me pancakes for dinner. Oh, and don’t forget the hot sex.” Couldn’t leave that off the list. He was perfect, and I wasn’t going to look for every reason it might not work.


“Nope, no buts.” We were not going down that road again. My worrywart. “He liked cuddling you while I played, and the sex was fabulous—did I forget to mention that part? And he liked going out with you for dinner. He doesn’t mind that we do things at our own pace. Jackson’s not trying to rush us.”

Jackson was the perfect master, even if everything was new to him. He asked good questions and researched different things about BDSM and puppy play. It was clear he was taking our needs seriously and doing his best to be a good master and boyfriend. He was so earnest it was cute sometimes.

Sawyer nodded, not able to argue with any of my perfectly reasonable points. Until he started worrying about me being right. “But what if he doesn’t rush us, and I go too slow?”

Lord, his mind must be an exhausting place to live.

“Does it seem like he’s trying to take things so slow they don’t go anywhere?” I thought it was a little silly, but I was going to let him figure it out.

“No, not exactly.”

“We’ve had fabulous sex and have been on dates and he’s seen my pup…” What else…what else…? “We all talk on the phone a lot, and he gives the best phone sex. Even when he says you can’t touch yourself while he’s talking.”

He was perfect when it came to torturing me with pleasure.

Sawyer’s head whipped around to look at me before he remembered he was driving. “He what?”
“You guys don’t do that?” I shrugged. Evidently not, judging by the look on his face. “He does it when I’m home in the morning after you’ve gone to work. The first time, he said I was being naughty trying to distract him with dirty texts—and he was right—but that’s not the point. Wait, what was the question?”

I tried to retrace my mental steps, but it was difficult because I was so excited. Jackson was right…naughty things… “Oh, dirty talk. Yes, well, he made me lie down on the bed, naked, and I wasn’t allowed to touch myself while he jerked off and said all kinds of fabulous things. Best denial ever.”

Sawyer was listening intently, so I dropped my voice and tried to make it sound sexy. “You know…if you hint to him that you’d like it, I know he’d do it with you too. He didn’t just talk about the things he was going to do to me. Master had me listen while he described everything he was going to do to you too.”

Best morning ever—even if I hadn’t gotten to come.

“He would…I mean, he did?” Sawyer’s mind seemed so distracted; I was starting to think I should have driven. But since we were almost there, it didn’t matter anymore.

“Oh, yes. Master doesn’t want to push you, but he loves telling me how sexy you are and how incredible we are together. Master’s going to want to watch us do more things. I think it’s hot. And don’t even bother trying to deny it. I remember every naughty fantasy you’ve shared too.”

Sawyer blushed. “I wasn’t going to say anything like that.”

Oh yes, he was. “You’re worrying too much. He’s doing his best to get to know us and to show us he’s not just in it as a fling.”

Sawyer’s nod was slow, but he didn’t try to deny that either. As we exited off the interstate and turned toward the park, he seemed to relax more. Finally, he started to speak on his own without me having to prod him. “Jackson said he wanted to go out later this week when you had to work late. He said something about going to get sushi or maybe trying that new steak place.”

“Eww, the steak place, please. Do not come home smelling like fish and expect sex. Raw fish is gross.” A shudder went through me at the thought. It was expensive enough that Sawyer didn’t want it that often, but the one time he’d made me eat it, all I could remember was the way the green wrap thing stuck in my teeth and the feel of the fish. “Yuck.”

He was nearly doubled over laughing as we pulled into the parking lot and started driving around in circles looking for a space. “I don’t know why you hate it so much. It’s good.”

“The taste…the look…the texture…it’s raw, dead stuff. Please, I could keep going.” He was ruining my good mood. “No more talk of terrible things. Just sexy talk and fun talk today. That’s the rule.”

“Your rule, huh?” Sawyer’s smile turned a little predatory as he finally found parking. I didn’t care where we ended up, but he was one of those people who took glee in getting the best spot. He was insane, but I loved him anyway.

“Yes. I have the best rules.” Smirking as he turned off the car, I looked around to see where we were and started texting Jackson as fast as my fingers would go. Speech-to-text wouldn’t work for this one.

When the reply came back in seconds, I knew he was as excited as we were. “He’s like three rows that way. As long as this alphabet system they’ve got going is really in ABC order.”
“Why wouldn’t it be in order?”

“Because people are insane and overorganize things. Don’t you remember that fancy grocery store? Beans in like five different places.” I shook my head. “And who separates condiments by what kind of meal they go with?”

As we got out of the car, I looked around and saw Jackson heading our way with a big smile on his face. “We’re over here!”

Apparently, I was too loud or too excited or too something for Sawyer. He groaned, and I knew he was rolling his eyes. “Coop…”

“Yes, you are here. And judging by the look on Sawyer’s face, you’ve been driving him crazy.” Jackson grinned as he pulled me into his arms and gave me a deep kiss.

When he finally pulled back and I could catch my breath, I nodded. “He needed it.”

His eyes were laughing, but I got a pointed stare. “So I have one pup who’s driving the other nuts deliberately.” Then he looked over at Sawyer. “And I have another who’s worrying about something but doesn’t want to talk about it?”

I nodded, and Sawyer blushed but didn’t deny it. Jackson shook his head, like we were two very naughty pups, and my dick started to perk up and take notice. I liked that look. Jackson glanced back and forth between us. “I think I have two boys who need to be punished later.”

“Oh, yes…” That sounded a little too eager, so I tried again. “I mean, I’m sorry we were bad, Master. I understand if we need to be punished.”

Sawyer groaned, and his head fell back like he was praying for patience. “I’m going to take that damned phone away from you.”

Grinning, I gave Jackson a smacky kiss, pressing myself even tighter against him since there weren’t many people around. “I can’t wait to go in.”

He laughed, and his hips rocked forward to push his cock against mine. “You clearly can’t wait for a lot of things.”

“You’re right.” I wasn’t going to hide how much I wanted him. “But I’ll be good in the park. Promise.”

Jackson shook his head and reached up to cup my face. “I don’t believe that for a second. Just don’t do anything to get us kicked out.”

I gave him a pout I knew was cute. “Well, that limits all my fun. But I still get my treats, don’t I?”

Sawyer was laughing and finally came around the back of the car to stand by Jackson. “How much sugar did you promise him?”

Jackson shrugged but gave Sawyer a wicked grin. “Just enough to make sure I’d get to punish him tonight.”

I knew he was perfect.

I stretched up and gave him another quick kiss. “You’re the best master ever.”

His hand slid up to ruffle my hair, and his expression changed to something sweeter. “Thank you, Cooper.”

Finally deciding that Sawyer was still entirely too nervous, I stepped back and reached out to grab his hand. “Hurry up and say hello to Master, so I can go on the rides.”

Sawyer couldn’t seem to decide if he was still nervous over how serious I was getting, worried that he’d disappoint Jackson, turned-on over the thought of a spanking, or overwhelmed by the idea of having to wait all day, because he gave Jackson a bashful look and a thousand expressions flashed across his face. Deciding to help, I kept talking. “He’s very excited.”

Jackson wrapped one hand around Sawyer’s waist and pulled him close, so they were pressed together just as tightly as we’d been. Some masters would have probably argued with instructions, but I loved the way Jackson just took my helpful little hints in stride.

“I’m very excited too. Aren’t you?” Listening to Jackson’s sexy voice, I had a feeling neither of them was talking about the amusement park as Sawyer nodded.

It was about time.

Jackson slowly leaned down and brushed his lips against Sawyer’s, gently, like they were in a romance novel or something. Then he pulled back and even though I was at the wrong angle to get the full view, I could see his hand slide down to cup Sawyer’s ass.

It was lucky we were hidden between the cars, or I wouldn’t have been the one to get us all in trouble.

Jackson leaned down and whispered something to Sawyer. I only caught a part of it, a teasing remark about how sexy he was going to look before Jackson’s voice went low again. It was probably reassurances that they wouldn’t go too fast or a reminder that he had a safeword to stop or slow down if they needed to, because Sawyer nodded and smiled, looking a lot less nervous than when we’d gotten out of the car.

One last kiss, that time on the cheek, and Jackson pulled away. “Are we ready?”

I was more than ready…for everything. Spankings, cotton candy, roller coasters…well, maybe not the roller coaster. Sawyer might be right about that part. Grinning madly, I bounced up and down. “Yes!”

“He’s definitely going to need to be spanked first.” Sawyer probably meant because of how naughty I was going to be, but I thought it was a great idea.

“Me first!”

Jackson just laughed. “You, my sweet pup, are going to be a handful.”

I batted my eyes at him. “But this handful still gets cotton candy, right?”

Sawyer knocked his shoulder into mine. “Come on, no more flirting.”

“I did not promise that at all.” I’d promised not to get us kicked out of the park.

There was a big difference.

Master by Choice by MA Innes - Gay Romance Ebook Cover
Jackson found his boys by accident, but taking the steps to understand what they need has been a deliberate decision. Only weeks into getting to know his pups, Jackson can already picture a future with Sawyer and Cooper. He just needs to show them that no matter what the obstacle, he’s their master by choice and nothing will change that.

Cooper and Sawyer made a family together when everyone else turned their backs on them. Daydreaming about the day they’d find Master Right helped to fill the empty place in their family. As Jackson starts to merge into their life, none of the men know exactly how it will look. The only thing they’re sure of is that sometimes the best family isn’t the one you’re born with, but the one you choose.

Story Contains: M/m/m sexual content, BDSM elements, and puppy play

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