Magic and Mayhem Available FREE June 28th-30th

Magic and Mayhem freebie sale June 28th-30th Blog post image

To celebrate the upcoming release of Wishes and Research (Book 5 for the Blue Ridge Magic series), Magic and Mayhem is going to be free today through Sunday (28th – 30th).

If you haven’t read this series yet this is a great time to jump into my dragon world and to see how cute these guys are. (And how nosy the locals are)

The Blue Ridge Magic series has age play, adorable littles, naughty littles, sexy Daddies, and locals who refuse to mind their own business.

If you’ve read this series then thank you and I would really appreciate any review you could leave on Amazon. (Thank you if you’ve already left a review.)

Have fun with my adorable dragons and I can’t wait to show you what’s coming up in the next book.

Magic and Mayhem - Blue Ridge Magic Book 1 by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover

Aliens. Deputy Talon Winslow is pretty sure he’s protecting aliens, but he’s starting to get the hang of it…aside from a few interesting issues that keep popping up, like an armored truck going missing. His new job pays too well to be as simple as it looks, but he hadn’t expected glowing eyes and adorable littles who almost sparkle they’re so fascinating. But if aliens come in cute and kinky, does it really matter they’re not human?

Dragons. Kenzie can’t quite decide if the new deputy he’s planning on keeping knows about dragons and mages or not. However, it doesn’t take him long to decide it isn’t the most important question when dating the handsome, slightly puzzling human. When will he get to call him Daddy and if the deputy knows Kenzie is keeping him are much better questions.

When a small mountain town isn’t as boring as it seems, a slightly confused human and a dragon with a toy hoard will learn that there’s always a bit of magic involved when falling in love.

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