Book 2 in The Weight of a Word series

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Love by Shaw Montgomery - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

As his muscular, submissive boys grow more confident, Dare couldn’t be more proud of them. Each step they take brings them all closer together and gives Dare glimpses of the family they’ll become. They just have a few hurdles to get over first, like the fact that his boys need to move and that they aren’t exactly forthcoming with what they want from a Dom or a boyfriend. Dare isn’t worried, though. He’s seen the way they look at him and each other. That much love and tenderness means nothing can stand in their way.

Scott and Ryan know that relying on Dare to give them the push they need might not be the best idea, but they can’t help looking at him for guidance as they figure out what submission means to them. As their Dom, he’s the natural person to lead them through the start of their new relationship, but they both know eventually they’ll have to start opening up and letting their Dom know exactly what they want…his love and domination.

Story Contains: M/M/M sexual content, mild BDSM, teasing, two hunky submissives, and one twink Dom

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