Is That REAL? – Sharing Some Products Featured In The Christmas Mac-n-Cheese Mystery

Is that real?

I get this question more than you would think and not just about naughty things. Toys that I mention or apps or even emojis…I always get asked if I made it up or if it was real.

So…my mac-n-cheese goodies in The Christmas Mac-n-Cheese Mystery.

Yep, everything is real.

If you need mac-n-cheese goodies in your life or in your stocking, here are some of the fun presents that Ruslan got from Dante. (But I have not ordered these personally because there wasn’t time.)

The silverware set

My Mac and Cheese Stainless Engraved Spoon Fork Set

Just Give Me The Mac-n-Cheese And No One Gets Hurt

"Mac And Cheese Gift Macaroni Cheesy Noodle T-Shirt

Mac Daddy Shirt

Mac Daddy T-Shirt

Mac n Cheese Ornament

Mac N Cheese 3" Christmas Tree Ornament

The original socks I’d found to put in the book have disappeared off Amazon, but that just wasn’t what I wanted to see, so we did the next best thing and made a brand-new mac-n-cheese design just for you guys.

So if you really wanted Ruslan’s socks check these out.

Mac n Cheese from Cuties n Kink

Mac n Cheese from Cuties n Kink

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and good luck shopping this holiday season. (I really wish my kids were more passionate about mac-n-cheese because that would’ve made Christmas shopping a lot easier this year.)

(links in this post are affiliate which means I earn some money if you buy something after clicking the link.)

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