Is Kenton’s Boyfriend…VANILLA?! – Pre-Order Kenton’s Courage Now!

Kenton's Courage by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover

Kenton is back!

In the Our Love series, Kenton was the adorable pup who was dating a guy he thought might be vanilla. Well, Kenton has his own book now, and he doesn’t have as much to worry about as he thought.


Kenton’s Courage goes back in time a bit to when the first Our Love book was set and you get to see what’s going on in his life at that time.

This is a fun look at his relationship with Bane as well as seeing what’s going on with the Leashes and Lace guys. But I think this reads well as a standalone for the most part, so if you haven’t read the Leashes and Lace series or the Our Love books, you can still enjoy this bouncy pup with a naughty side.

Kenton’s book is available for preorder now and will be live for early access on my site on April 7th through the 11th. Then it will go live on Amazon on April 12th where it will be in KU.

If you like reading everything you can first, here are the links you might need:

Leashes and Love Book 1: Ender’s Curiosity | Our Love Series Leashes & Lace Series

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Kenton's Courage by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover


How soon is too soon to let your uniqueness shine?

Kenton doesn’t have the best track record of getting the timing right but he really wants to get it perfect this time because he knows he’s not only met Mr. Right, he’s met the Handler of his dreams. The only problem? Bane doesn’t seem to know what that is.

Is there ever a right time to tell your vanilla boyfriend that he’d be a wonderful Handler?


How soon is too soon to ask someone if they know they’re not vanilla?

Bouncy, adorable, and slightly naughty, Kenton is everything Bane has always wanted in a partner. The only problem is that Bane isn’t as vanilla as he seems, but he isn’t sure how to bring that up to the possibly confused Kenton.

Is there ever a right time to ask your vanilla boyfriend if he’s ever thought about exploring puppy play?

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