Innocently Manipulative Little – Sparkles and Scowls is Now Available!

Sparkles and Scowls is live.

Lorne and his wonderfully unique mates are finally here, and I can’t wait for you to meet them. These three have the most interesting relationship and I love how Lorne brings them all together.

Daddy Monroe is sweet and mushy…once he gets over being slightly frustrated with Lorne.

Carrick is very magey (he’s a bit of a pain in the butt) and likes being right.

Lorne likes manipulating everyone and is having fun driving his mates nuts.

And of course, the Blue Ridge Magic townspeople are up to no good and are wonderfully nosy.

Curious and want to check it out? Here’s the first chapter.

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Sparkles and Scowls by MA Innes- Gay Paranormal Romance Book Cover

Sparkles. As the most fabulous dragon that has ever graced the skies, Lorne always pictured his mate as…well…at least slightly shiny. He knows he’s incomparable, but he thought his mate would match him in some wonderfully glittery way. What he’s not expecting are two mates who seem to think black is a lifestyle and not a sin against fashion.

Mages. When it comes to insane mates, nothing holds a candle to a drama queen mage who expects the worst…but their oblivious cutie who always has his head in the clouds is running a close second. As a Daddy without a little and a mate who’s all alone, though, Monroe knows it’s time to stop waiting for fate to have all the answers.

Dragons. They’re a pain in every conceivable way, but Carrick knows he’s stuck with them when fate matches him with not one but two illogical dragons who seem to have been put on the Earth to drive him crazy. Unfortunately, it seems like their insanity might be one of his favorite things about his unexpected mates.

When one mate isn’t as innocent as he appears and the other two are diamonds in the rough, three men will come to realize that mates are always meant to be.

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