Innocent on the Outside, Naughty on the Inside – Brave is Now Available!

Charlie’s book has finally arrived and he’s ready for you to meet his sweet Daddy…he’s just hoping his Daddy isn’t too sweet. That can be dangerous because it’s a real fear that Daddies who are too nice might not want to spank their cute subs…and spankings are top on Charlie’s list of what he wants from his Daddy.

As you can probably guess, Charlie looks innocent on the outside (and is painfully shy) but he’s also a bit naughty. Charlie likes body worship and large alphas, and he’s looking for a Daddy who doesn’t mind that he’s got a wicked side.

These two are so cute together, but Brave also has a fun fort that’s perfect for a nervous little, some drunk omegas, and a surprise at the end.

Check out the first chapter if you’re curious…

And here’s a bonus chapter about how Charlie met his good buddy Austin.

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Brave by MA Innes  - Gay Romance Book CoverBlurb:

Charlie’s got a problem—well, two if you count his helpful and overly enthusiastic protector, Austin—but being painfully shy is the biggest one since most Daddies seem to feel being able to communicate is an important part of asking someone out. Who knew? But when panicking is his default response, most alphas don’t wait around long enough to see the naughty omega that’s hiding just under the surface.

Ansel’s got a problem. He has no idea how to be a Daddy or how to get to know the painfully shy cutie who’s dramatically adorable when it comes to boo-boos. Unfortunately, wide eyes and a firm belief about which crayons are best aren’t enough to build a relationship…or let Ansel know if the sweet sub considers him Daddy material.

When a new Daddy and a shy little meet, it will take patience and a nosy protector to help a sweet sub find the confidence to come out of his shell.

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