His Scottish Daddy

Bennett knows traveling on his own won’t always go smoothly, but when he desperately needs to get away from his parents, seeing the world sounds like the best idea…until he gets stranded in London’s Heathrow Airport. When a freak snowstorm leaves him without a plan, he calls a friend who always has the answers…Skyler.

In walks Daddy to the rescue.

When the kinkiest phone tree ever leaves Robert searching for a stranded little in the crowded airport, the sexy Scottish Dom isn’t sure what he’s gotten himself into. But when meeting the sweet little leaves him with more questions than answers, all he knows is that he needs to help and he has to show the sweet Benny that he isn’t alone.

When it seems like everything is going wrong, sometimes fate steps in and sends a Daddy to the rescue.

Author's Note:

His Scottish Daddy is a short only currently available in the International Daddies: A Multicultural Daddy Dom Anthology.

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