His Human

His Human

Book 2 in the New Neighbors Series

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HIs Human by MA Innes - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

All Trip wants is the man of his dreams. If that guy comes with tentacles and an interesting sense of humor, that’s even better.

When Trip meets Mr. Right—who’s actually more like Mr. Sexy With Tentacles—at the grocery store, of all places, he’s expecting fun and hoping for a bit of domination if he’s lucky. But the one thing he isn’t expecting is for the sexy alien with a passion for control and taking care of his new human to essentially move in.

As one date turns into something more than either of the men had planned, it might take a few old friends to step in and open their eyes to what’s been in front of them the whole time…love.

Story Contains: MM sexual content, BDSM elements, spankings, edging, a bit of lightning in all the right places, and mild breath play.

***Author’s Note** This series is best read in order. My Cameron is the first book in the series.**

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