Happy Doms are The Best Ones – Learning to Walk Now Available!

I’m so excited for you to finally get to know Gareth and Cashel (the roommates from Save Me Santa). They’re so funny and I’ve had so much fun seeing life from Gareth’s point of view. It’s easier now to see why he’s driving Jude batty, but I can also see why Cashel and Bates are head over heels for the confused cutie.

Learning to Walk is the first book in the duet for Gareth, Cashel, and Bates (the fun downstairs neighbor). Learning to Run will be the second book for them. It will go live on September 15th but Walk ends on a happy for now ending with no cliffhanger.

Learning to Walk starts with you getting a look at how Bates sees the curious roommates and you get to see how much he loves their apartment building. He’s wonderfully and unapologetically nosy, and Gareth loves how happy he is.

Gareth thinks happy Doms are the best ones and he’s not afraid to say it.

Of course, Cashel thinks they’re both insane, but he’s going along for the ride because he likes happy Doms too…and he’s very interested in why the happy Dom thinks all three men should explore dating and domination together.

These three are adorable and I can’t wait for you to get a peek at Gareth’s wonderful logic. There are good reasons why he and Brady get along so well, but Gareth still finds Brady to be very confusing sometimes.

But don’t worry…Bates likes being helpful.

Have fun with Learning to Walk (and I’ll give you a little tease about Learning to Run…Brady’s mom makes an appearance so you won’t want to miss it).

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Learning to Walk by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book CoverBlurb:

Eavesdropping is only bad if I’m not being helpful with the information I’ve acquired.

Bates loves being helpful, and since being nosy makes it easier to be helpful, well, no one can complain about that logic. Especially not the cuties upstairs who have the most interesting family and the most wonderful questions.

It’s not eavesdropping if we’re too loud, right?

Gareth isn’t concerned about how much his handsome neighbor has overheard about their life. He’s more focused on getting his questions answered and about the way the fascinating guy from downstairs thinks he should be dating his best friend Cash…and the guy from downstairs.

Maybe eavesdropping wasn’t so bad?

Cashel isn’t sure what’s happening when the tornado of a neighbor bursts into their life, but he knows nothing will ever be the same. Especially not when it ends up with him on a date with Gareth and Bates. He doesn’t do that…any of it…but it sounds like maybe the neighbor knows him better than he knows himself.

When a nosy neighbor decides to help two curious men, questions finally get answers and nothing will ever be the same.

Author’s Note: This is an MMM romance with a Dom, a surprised switch, and a very curious sub, and while they have a lot of fun in this book, some fun (like homeruns and wagging tails) will have to wait until book two (if you get my drift).
While this duet is part of the Education of the Heart series, these are the roommates from Save Me Santa. It’s not technically necessary to have read the other books, however, I think Learning to Walk and Learning to Run will be more enjoyable if you’ve already read Brady’s story, Save Me Santa.

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