Flawed Perfection

Flawed Perfection

A Stand-alone Puppy Play Story

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Flawed Perfection by MA Innes - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Nathan wasn’t sure why people were so obsessed with dating and sex. Sure it probably felt good but he just couldn’t figure out what all the fuss was about. It might have helped if he knew what he was looking for. But with so many labels and options, he just wasn’t sure. It seemed so easy to everyone else, but to him, it felt like something was missing.

Gabriel thought Nathan was absolutely perfect. Sweet, funny, sexy, and completely confused about what he desired—but absolutely perfect. He wanted to help Nathan. Would his sexy roommate be open to something that was completely outside of the box or would Gabriel ruin their relationship before it even started?

Story Contains: M/m sexual content, BDSM elements, and puppy play

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