Finishing My First Patreon Exclusive Story – What Should I Write Next?

Needing Me, my first Patreon story, is coming to a close with chapter 21 to be posted on October 26th.

I’ve been releasing that book a chapter or two at a time, and while it’s been longer than I expected, I had so much fun working on Kent and Sinclair’s story.

Sinclair was so busy overthinking what to do, he kind of forgot that just because he’s the Dom doesn’t mean he gets to make all the decisions about his curious friendship/relationship with Kent…and Kent had to learn that if he wanted something, he had to go after it.

Writing this has been so much fun, but I’m excited to show you what else I’ve been poking at. Over on Patreon, I’ve got the start of two different stories, Watching Me and Trading Me. They each have different kinks and very different characters, but I can’t figure out which one should come next, so I’m letting you guys decide.

Watching Me has voyeurism, water sports, and an adorably clueless neighbor, and Trading Me is about an author who decides to trade work-in-progress chapters and books in his backlist for someone to do housework around his place (it wasn’t really his idea and midnight margaritas were involved).

So if you’re curious about what’s going to come next on Patreon and want to have a say in that, head on over, join at any tier level, and take a peek at the start of the different story ideas.

Just remember, they’re unedited at this point and we’re going to have to work on a few details like names. Oh, and these are just the first parts of the story, so no sexy times yet. I can’t wait to see which one you’re curious about.

Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments, and let me know if you have any questions.

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