Embracing Love

Embracing Love

Book 2 in the Embrace Series

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Embracing Love by MA Innes - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

With a boyfriend and a Daddy who get along and both love him to pieces, whether they’ve said the words or not, Cody knows asking for more would be selfish. But when all he wants is for them to love each other as much as he loves them, is being selfish really bad?

Jameson knows that loving Cody means accepting Ford’s presence in Cody’s life as well. But what he isn’t expecting are his growing feelings for Ford. Jameson doesn’t want a Daddy, but would a friend who understands Cody be a bad thing? And what if it grows into something more?

Ford never thought that he’d find someone to love and take care of, much less two men who are starting to touch his heart in such different ways. As he looks at Cody and Jameson, he can see the family he’s longed for finally within his reach. But two men dating the same person is far different than falling in love with each other, and what if it’s more than Jameson can handle?

When two men come together in friendship around a third, is falling in love that big of a leap?

Story Contains: MMM Sexual Content, BDSM elements, Spankings, and Age Play

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