Dragons, Milkshakes, and Men in Fishnets! – New Cuties n Kink Designs!

I can’t decide what I like best in this merch…the sexy ass in those fishnets or the cute dragon.

Cuties n Kink merch by MA Innes/Shaw Montgomery

His to DareHis to UseHis to LoveBecoming His (mugs only)

I’m thinking that I need His to Dare, His to Use, and His to Love on postcards or on some kind of small poster that I can hang on the wall. Those covers are definitely something to show off and they just make me smile…but don’t worry, I have not forgotten about them. I have them up on my computer as I’m writing this.

Cuties n Kink merch by MA Innes/Shaw Montgomery

It’s a Milkshake Kinda Morning

But the Milkshake guys…I think about these two cuties every time a Minecraft video comes up on YouTube. I had so much fun with Turner’s random thoughts and Joshua’s passion for the game. Middles are so much fun to write. (shoot giving myself plot bunnies)

Cuties n Kink merch by MA Innes/Shaw Montgomery

Blue Dragon Chibi – Black Background Blue Dragon Chibi – white Background

And last but not least, my mischievous cutie Kenzie. He looks so sweet (especially as a dragon) but he’s got very naughty ideas. But since those are some of his Daddy’s favorite things about him, I wouldn’t worry. I do however need him on merch…maybe something cuddly? I’ve got a tiny couch at the foot of my bed (I love used furniture stores) and he would look adorable as a pillow on that.

So much cuteness this time around.

Comment below: Which design is your favorite from this update?

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