Dr. Sheppard in Rethinking Fate

The preorder for Dr. Sheppard’s book is finally up, and I’m so excited to show you Rethinking Fate. Even from the very beginning when he made an appearance in Secrets in the Dark, he was always very reserved and kept his personal life to himself. He never hid the fact that he was little, but otherwise, he was very quiet…frustratingly so sometimes.

I’m a big believer in getting help when you need it, so as the books went on, I pulled him out several more times when it was clear I had characters who needed someone safe to talk to. I honestly never thought people would want his story, so when I started to go back and look at how he fell in love, it was an interesting experience.

To me, Dr. Sheppard was this quiet man who was happy and had a bit of a hidden funny side, but that was it. Figuring out how he got to be the man I’m familiar with was an interesting experience. This is a slow burn romance with a few fun cameos from some familiar faces.

I can’t wait to see what you think of Miles and his sexy artistic Daddy, Sean. Here’s a peek at the first part of the book.


Rethinking Fate by MA Innes - Gay Romance Age Play Ebook Cover

4 thoughts on “Dr. Sheppard in Rethinking Fate

  1. I hope all is going well in your very awesome and creative world.

    Rethinking Fate is a delightful story. Miles and Sean are incredibly sweet and became very real people in my mind. This has become a go-to book — a comfort book if that makes sense.

    I was enchanted with your Embracing love – faith series. and hope for a third installment.
    If that isn’t to be – no matter, I look forward to reading your next book.


    1. Thank you! I just finished a little short for them that should be ready early next month. I’m so glad you liked their stories!

  2. When Edward started talking to Dr. Sheppard in “Secrets in the Dark” and then he had a recurring role with many other in M.A. Innes’ worlds, I was thrilled to see Miles would have a story all his own. Thank you!!!!

    1. I was really surprised by how many times he turned up and how real he became in my head. I’m glad you liked his book. Thank you.

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