Do You Remember Bishop? He’s Back! – Our Pup Now Available!

The boxed set Our Love was released last September and had the complete series for Bishop, Cohen, and Ian. Our Pup is Bishop’s first book in the boxed set and is now live on its own.

Bishop is the cute pup and best friend of Wesley from the Leashes & Lace series and Archer from the Beautiful Shame series. Bishop is flirty and funny and a delightful pup…and is quickly falling for Cohen and Ian when he meets them at a party for the L&L guys.

This is MMM with a Daddy, a switch, and a little. It takes place over three books: Our Pup, Our Boy, and Our Dom. The full series was already released as a boxed set last September, and now the individual books are coming out for those readers who don’t like boxed sets. Nothing extra has been added to the book for this release.

Whether you’re looking to do a reread or to grab the books for the first time, these guys are sweet and so cute as they figure out how to make their family work. As always, this is low angst and they’re great communicators.

Have fun with my cuties.

Want to check out the prologue for Our Pup? Click here to read it.

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Our Pup by MA Innes - Gay Romance Book Cover

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