Do I Get Writer’s Block? + 2 Tips For The Stuck Writer

The short answer is no.

The long answer is that it depends on your definition of writer’s block.

My brain is a three-ring circus that we’re currently auditioning ringleaders for but no one wants the job. So while I’m left to be the one in charge, we jump from act to act and see what’s going on in every corner of the circus.

I know some authors are very linear and have everything they’re doing planned out. That will never be me even though I’m pretty sure that would make me a lot more successful in the long run. I always have one main project I’m writing that actually has an editing date planned out and at the very least a goal for the release date. When that story just isn’t playing nice or I’m not sure what comes next, I jump to something else.

Along with the main story I’m working on is usually two or three others that I’m also playing with. So, I might get frustrated with an age play book I’m working on and then go over and poke at a puppy play story I’ve started, or I’ll poke at Kevin and see what he’s doing because he’s always chatty. Always.

For me, there’s always something to write, and I do my best to leave enough time for squirrel brain to strike. If it’s not a book, I’ll jump into a new Word doc and write a blog post or a blurb I’m supposed to have already written.

So my head is never quiet, but it’s usually not doing what it’s supposed to either…keeping it busy and moving toward the goal is what I aim for, though.

If you’re trying to write and the book isn’t going anywhere, I would suggest two things.

First, go back and reread what you’ve already written. Sometimes just going through and doing a light edit or poking at the first part of a book will prime the pump for everything else.

Second, try to write something else. Anything is better than staring at a blinking cursor. The sex scene just not happening? Go write the start of another project or a bonus chapter for a book that you already wrote.

Be productive in some way and you’ll end up happier and writing more in the long run…and don’t forget that this is supposed to be fun, not a punishment.

SHARE IN THE COMMENTS: How do you stay motivated and “on task”? As a creative or not, what do you do to push through any blocks when tackling your to-do list for the day?

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