Daddy Loves Confidence

When friends fix you up, it’s either going to be a spectacular failure or a fascinating first date. Unfortunately for Arthur, it’s the owners of the Bound & Controlled club who fix him up and his first date is an email. So it’s going to be a fascinating failure?

Joseph knows his terrible schedule and long work trips make meeting people difficult…and they make meeting Daddies even harder. But after months of exchanging emails with the sweet Dom with a dry sense of humor, he’s starting to wonder if he’s finally found the Daddy of his dreams…one who’s funny and completely supports his passion for cereal and comfort food.

Any man who mails you cereal is a keeper, right?

Author's Note:

While the Tender Control world is under the Shaw side of my world, this sweet age play book is definitely an M.A. Innes story.

My books as Shaw Montgomery are the more traditional side of BDSM, and my books as M.A. Innes are filled with sweet age play and fun things like puppy play. Since Daddy Loves Confidence straddled both sides, I decided to put it under both names.

Daddy Loves Confidence was originally included in the Dirty Daddies Anniversary Anthology in 2022, and no material changes have been made to the story.

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