Cuties N Kink New Merch! Aliens, Corsets, and More Glittery Peens

New Merch Day! This is nearly as much fun as when a new release comes out. I love looking at all the different options but they make me want to shop. This might be dangerous because there are only so many mugs an author needs, right?

Penis mug, anyone?
Cuties n Kink - Blue Glittery Penis - mug

Also available with a black background

Hmm, how about a sexy doll? Emerson is fabulous on everything and he loves being the center of attention, so there is no wrong answer about what to pick here. But I think the notebooks are going to be my favorite way to let Emerson show off in my office.

Cuties n Kink - Owners and Dolls Book Cover  - Tote Bag

And for the last round of new merch this week…my sweet aliens. I’m thinking either the hardcover journal or the tote bag. (Imagine me giggling here) I’m not sure I want to explain about the tentacles when I go to Walmart, though, but a book convention? That could be fun. Tentacles for GRL, anyone?

Cuties n Kink - Alien/Human Holding Hand Pin

Also available with a black background

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