Cooper and Sawyer…Now on Audio!

It’s live!

Revisiting Cooper and his guys is always so much fun. I love getting a chance to go through their books or figure out ways that they might get to show up as side characters in other stories. The audiobook boxed set for The Accidental Master series has all three main books, the prequel which shows Sawyer and Cooper’s first Christmas together, and a short bonus story about their trip to Orlando.

If you haven’t had a chance to read the books yet or wanted the audiobooks as a set first, I can’t wait to see what you think. They’re some of my favorite characters and Kenneth did a great job of showing Cooper’s enthusiasm for everything and Sawyer’s quiet need for a Master. I hope you have fun with my cute pups and their loving Master.

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2 thoughts on “Cooper and Sawyer…Now on Audio!

  1. Cooper, Sawyer, and Jackson are definitely some of my favorite characters. I purchased the three separate books on audio as soon as they were available. Kenneth Obi is amazing! Is there a way to get Family by Fate and Family in Love without having to re-purchase them?

    1. The Christmas story is available separately on Amazon but right now the only place to get the Orlando short is through the audiobook. Eventually I will have that up too.

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