Many of the stories I write (both as Shaw Montgomery and M.A. Innes), take place in the same “universe” and overlap at least a little. The most common way this happens is by neighbors or side characters in a book who have their own story.

Since I write about a variety of topics, I do my best to make the side characters stories unnecessary to the main story you are reading. However, I know many readers enjoy following the threads and connecting the lives of different characters.

Below you’ll find a reading order of the books that have the most overlapping side characters and storylines. If the book isn’t on the lists, it doesn’t have a lot of intersecting content. I usually write in chronological order as I publish so when in doubt reading the books in publication order will work fairly well. Click on an image of a specific book cover to open a new window for the books blurb and purchase information.

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The World of The College Guys

The college world books connect much more tightly together then the other books.

Kinks in these books vary widely, so please read the blurbs carefully.

Leashes, Lace, and Cameos

In a few of the Leashes and Lace stories, the Bar in Beautiful Shame is featured and has the same exhibitionist server.